My Favorite Things in Life!

Somebody asked me once what is my favorite things in life my answer is simple really in many forms;
1) Laughter
2) A chance to cry if needed
3) Family I can love and care for in all forms.
4) The woman I love and just being with her.
5) To do: I love puzzles, books,walks in woods and watching my favorite sports and shows on TV, a peaceful evening with a movie.
6) Cooking with my wife is a big one when we both want to.
7) Electronic devices that work.
8) Grandchildren I love all em when I see em and always will.
9) Friends who I can look back on and remembrances of events.
10) My time in The Services, U.S Army, Army National Guard and Navy. Sailing the World.
These are all a part of me and what makes me, me..


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