The Media in The World and More must learn now! and React!

         The mistakes made by Americans and the world’s media is now becoming apparent to me. we make the same mistake daily in the media newscasts across the world, we publicize the acts of terrorists and organizations that damage and kill others.  Why do we continue to give these glory hounds any advertising and air time at all, as they continue killing everyone they can and promote their radicalization all over the world? We give those thinking about being Muslim or any other religion for that case, into  joining ISIS, by glorifying their acts and demands.

  We need to use the same methods we use with mass killers in the USA on these ISIS folks: we need to ignore them and kill them and destroy and isolate them. We need to take away what makes them tick and able to attack others, their oil wells, their leaders  and their families like they do ours. It is our job to rid our people of these animals who believe they have the right to kill anyone they want to get their way.  We need to hit their arms caches, their money banks and oil wells, we need to make these people suffer like they do everyone else. We must get allies in Europe and Asia and other Muslim countries to join us and we need to open the doors to attack ISIS In the countries they hide in ,like Syria,Palestinians and others. Saudi Arabians need to acknowledge and assist in these actions too and stop giving them help  and hiding places. America and the United Nations and N.A.T.O should all be working together to stop these ISIS people and what they are doing.

George W. Bush had the right idea, yet left the door to the hills and mountains open for these people to run to. I say surround them, walk thru, and gather them up by not allowing them to escape through the net that can be formed If we can gather the manpower between the United Nations and NATO and other countries we can kill them off. Instead NATO and The United Nations and countries like Saudi Arabia, Jordan,Yemen , and others seem afraid to fight them or show support for them Why?

 IN the end to stop ISIS and any terrorist organization we must all work on the same plan and under the same leadership, if it is American, United Nations or NATO, it has to be firm, and the plan must be to encircle them and not allow them to escape into the hills or mountains ever again.


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