March 15 Election Primaries and facts!

My generation grew up very different from today’s. We were taught manners by a smack on the ass, or upside the head. we were given spankings as needed and we were taught to respect our elders. We had chores to do, and weren’t given what ever we wanted just to shut us up.

We heard things like if you don’t stop crying I will give you something to cry about and they meant it too. I grew up with a violent step-father and a cruel mother, yet I survived. I was pulled from bed in the middle of the night and beaten for whatever I did on a given day, my feet were burned for stealing cookies, I was hit with two by fours, belts and fireplace pokers. Was I really as bad as they made me out to be, that they had to put me away for two years in an institution?

I grew up reading comic books and books, running thru the woods, catching frogs and turtles,climbing trees. I loved the outdoors and would go fishing with my stepfather even though I feared him move than anyone I knew in life.

Mom was nonexistent to me, never around for a hug or a kiss or to encourage me, she just called me every name in the book as I grew up. Her word to me was I was a bastard without a conscious, a little bastard, a prick and so many other names, I didn’t know my name until I got to ten years old. Was it right nope but it went that way.

My step-father refused to attend my Elementary school graduation, and told me he could shoot me and bury me in my backyard and it wouldn’t bother him one bit. Yet he forced me to help him build stone walls and rebuild the house we lived in as my elder brother ran around playing sports and disappeared. So. I was built in babysitter to my younger siblings,dads helper when it came to work around the house and a recluse until 15 or 16.

We didn’t have color television until 1970 and when we got it my Uncle, broke it and we were on a portable black and white for years. we had bikes when I was younger but they were stolen from a shed in Wolcott, where dad had a shed on a piece of property he wanted to build on. So I walked everywhere until I dropped out of High School and bought my first car for seventy five bucks and had to fix it right and insure it myself

So yeah, times were different back then when I was still a kid. I watched TV programs as a kid like Lost in Space, the Mickey Mouse Club,My Favorite Martian, Car 54 where are you?, Mchale’s Navy, It Takes a Thief, The Man from Uncle and Get Smart. Gilligan’s Island was a fun show also and so was Andy Griffith’s Mayberry RFD. We Laughed at Jackie Gleason Show and the Honey Mooners, Ed Sullivan and The Dean Martin Shows. Life was all different back then, no computers, cell phones, gaming systems, nope go outside and play. That was life back then folks.

I grew up with Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon,and some of the better Presidents of my generation. People voted for real people who would take real action and create jobs, and help Americans with medical costs and so much more.Sadly, now a day we are stuck with politicians who can only see how prestigious and rich they can get off of us. Sad isn’t it folks. we had The Kennedys, Martin Luther King and so many more to lookup to. Who do we have today that is respected and listened to like they were back then, no one folks, it is sad.

Today is March 15th, 2016 folks we have to make choices from Trump, to Cruz and from Hillary Clinton to Bernie Sanders for the next President. we have to listen to Republican who talk like they are bigots and prejudiced, as well as clueless to what is really needed in America. Mr. Trump has no experience and no real knowledge of anything. Mr. Cruz is a religious zealot actually.Mr.Bernie Sanders, is an outright Socialist by his own admission and his views are too outlandish to come true for America. Hillary Rodham Clinton at least has experience and has really worked at each position she has held. She makes common sense and refuses to promise things she can’t guarantee. She is without doubt the best choice for America this Election season and anyone not sure of it or unbelieving in her, should look a lot more closer. In my opinion she has earned the right to become President of the United States and any bullshit about her should just be forgotten for she is the one to lead us forward. We some of the past generational knowledge in today’s world, and new ideas also a combo of it all will return america to it’s place in the World. Vote for Hillary Folks, if you don’t, don’t cry when the country goes to hell in a basket under others. Vote!



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