Tomorrow March 15, 2016

         On March 15, 2016, The primaries for each Party hit the wall of the Midwest States that can make or break a candidate in the race for President. I hope the states involved realize the responsibility they carry now.

           If Donald Trump wins 2 or three of these states he will be that much closer to the nomination for  the Republican Party, is this really what you want folks. He has insulted, women, Muslims, and so many others it is sad. He talks violence and anger and encourages people to physically fight with one another. Sad really, do you all really want him representing us to the world?

The Democratic candidates are fighting it out also with no name calling or vulgarities, and if we all have common sense and look at the numbers, Hillary Clinton is going to get the Nomination and we all know it too. Bernie Sanders is running a clean race and I am impressed by  his doing so, but the numbers do not add up for him to win it all do they folks? He is just prolonging the race and giving an advantage to Mr. Trump. The longer it continues on the less time for a  Hillary Clinton, Donald trump fight. While I admire Bernie Sanders true grit and attitude I disagree with the prolonging of this primary, for more reason than one. I hope Mr. Sanders can see it also and will politely end it all and back Hillary Clinton. Once Hillary has Bernie Sanders as a backer, the fear shall grow the Republican side, for once united the Democrats will win.

So on March 15, 2015, Ohio, Illinois,Florida, and North Carolina carry the fates of this nation on their backs. If you vote wrong folks you may elect a person who believes he is a demi-god, and a fascist. Dont do this to us here in America ok!  It will be a sad occasion for Americans everywhere! 

There can never be a wall between America and Mexico or Canada either, we are one land mass folks.Mexico will never allow it or pay for it and it isn’t needed. It’s sad when a major candidate for election to the Presidency wants to separate and change everything in foolish ways. It won’t happen folks, and is a stupid way to blow american cash!

   Vote for Hillary Clinton, she tells you the truth, is not making any promises she can’t keep and makes sense.



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