That Kiss

That Kiss By: William M. McCurrach
I want to tell you a story you will believe,It was a long time ago, and no one will grieve! Pause;
It was a rainy November night, the darkness fell, As we stood, there in fright.
But the memory would burn for years on end,That gentle kiss my female friend.
That kiss echoed through the years,I remember giving it to you, to stop your tears.
When we broke, you smiled you see,Said you had to go home from me.
That kiss lives on in my mind,That kiss never died even in time.
Five Years passed by and I saw you again, You invited me over to have tea like a friend,
As we laughed and reminisced, suddenly up came that kiss. I never answered your question you see,
Because I knew you weren’t for me. That kiss still lingers in your mind and yes indeed even in mine.
One gentle kiss that we both shared Yet never once did you or I say we cared.
But the kiss lingers on till the day we die ,And I shall never tell you why?
Yes That kiss lingers on and onnnnnnnnnnnnn, till we dieeeeeeeeeeeeee!


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