The Poems of WMM/ And More!

The Poems of WMM is a little  book of poems by me done over time and compiled into one little book for all to read and enjoy. I have a second also I did called Poems of Lust and Romance, these are all poems meant for adults and romantics and i hope they can be enjoyed by all adults. I do not wish them to be read by children at all, but parents or couples still in love with one another should read and enjoy them fully.

I have also done many other little small books and stories I suspect some will enjoy and others may not. Some are military stories, one is a story of two Vietnam Veterans I met while in the National Guard in Connecticut.

Others are stories of my childhood days and teenage romances that were never fulfilled, and a few are made up murder mysteries. The point is I write, to let off steam sometimes, to deal with emotions other times and PTSD too. So, I try to sell them on Amazon’s Kindle E-books, the purpose of it is also to try to raise some cash to help my cancer ridden wife and myself who had lung cancer survive and keep our home.

We currently are living off of  my Social Security Disability and My Veteran’s Disability Benefits and her Social security payments period. To do so is to live in a limited budget sense and it become difficult to pay the bills here, and to live in comfort. I refuse to sell my home to live a normal life, because we had a fifteen year mortgage and are now in our final year to pay it off. 15 Payments are left is I am correct and it has been our home since 2000.

I do not call myself a professional author or publisher or even editor, but the stories I write are in my head from my living them or fabricating them to survive. A little consideration by some to help us survive would be nice and doesn’t cost much does it when my little books/ stories are priced at.99 cents to 6.00 dollars. But we shall survive most of all, no matter what.

My writings and little books may be found on my AMAZON Kindle Author Page at, please take a look and try one or two. Thank You!




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