Families/ The Debate Last Nite

        Families are sometimes funny, different and unique. In my case my family was none of the above with one exception, it seems we were instilled with, being divided, by our parents. My sister and I have overcome this, but, we have 3 other siblings, brothers t be precise that did not.

My elder brother is estranged from everyone in the family in his own way. He grew up protected by mom, and playing sports and running from home. MY younger brother right under me, had a hard time due to his father not trusting him and beating on him so he took off and ended up dead in California at 30 years old, from Aids from drugs. The youngest is also estranged from all because he inherited his father’s paranoia, and thinks everyone wants to steal from him. It is sad to live life without your siblings and trying hard to hang onto to the family you have left.

The debate last night turned into a free for all no one needed to see! IT is the first time I have ever seen grown men attack each other like school kids in a play ground. He said this, he did this, he is that, what the hell was that all about, one thing, take Trump down a notch before Super Tuesday is all. I don’t think it worked but it was one mean double team by Rubio and Cruz on Trump!Did it work only time will tell, truthfully, but it wasn’t a real debate it was a circus and was embarrassing and humiliating to watch. The republicans should be ashamed of having the top five they have running for President acting this way on public television, what does it say of their party? Sad isn’t it folks!

   Well with all that said and the debate over, Super Tuesday is coming fast enough and we shall see what america thinks very soon. I just hope the circus will not come to television again!



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