American Politics becoming a Joke!

        POLITICS is becoming a joke in America! They should all be taught one basic lesson folks, and that is they can’ get elected without solutions and plans and figures needed to advance their plans and ideas!

Donald Trump is definitely looking like the Republican Nominee for President at this point and if you look closely it will be just almost impossible for Cruz, or Rubio to catch him. Sometimes, you don’t get what you want Republicans and you have to accept who you get. It is rough isn’t it?

 On the Democratic side it definitely looks like Hillary Clinton will get the Nomination. Now Mr. Sanders may give her some embarrassing moments along the way and have his stay at the convention, but in the end show me a way he can get the delegates he needs and I will say differently. Now be logical at this point in time it is time some candidates get out of the run for President, so we can see the front runners who are left on each side go head to head,it will be interesting then.

Next lets, talk the right of the President of The United States Nominating a Justice to the Supreme Court. Congress has it’s responsibility in this matter as does the President and no way they should not look at one Nominated by President Obama. Your gonna leave a vacancy in the court just so you can control who it is going in? Thats crap and the Senate know better. . They  will have to hold the hearings and vote on whoever President Obama puts up period wake up. There is no precedent for any other action if a Nomination is made. Talk is cheap folks and many this election year are talking crap and thinking they can do things they want their way, bottom line, the Fore Fathers laid out a Constitution just for these reasons.

I have what maybe the best question of the current election cycle, why the hell would we really want a wall between us and Mexico? Why the hell do we really need one now, when we have never needed one before? It’s silly, no matter how many illegal immigrants we get coming thru, Mexico is not our enemy so negotiate with them and stop the people crossing the border in a legal way that will work between the two countries. Open communication will help in this situation and we all know it so wake up.

Health care in America is my next point here, whether it is Obama Care, Medicare Coverage or some other plan, remember you politicians gave us the current set up and if you change it ya better have something in place to instantly coverage all currently on it. Millions without health care in america will be an instant mess and we all know it. Whats wrong with doing what other countries have done, and giving coverage to all like they did in Canada and other countries? Simple, no one is gonna make big profits that way is all, and america can’t have that can we?

I have watched all of this go on in this political cycle in america and I am ashamed of the Americans running for offices. You have looked like fools arguing in public over things that have no place in public. Our security and defense of our country, the size of our military and more is broadcast all over the world, do you see any other country doing that? Nope! Sadly, we get too caught up in ourselves in America and we don’t stop to think of what comes out of our mouths when we run for office do we politicians, you should be ashamed.





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