Politics 2016

       Sadly Politics 2016 has turned into a bashing competition on the Republican side as Donald Trump jumps all over his opponents and they attack one another over bullshit attacks. The issues that need addressed, dont get done at all. Sadly no real solutions have come out of the republicans no firm plans no nothing.

The Answer to fixing the immigration problem is build a wall according to Mr. Trump, well how, who will build it, pay for it and will it really stop the illegal immigrants, no. You can’t deport all of them either it would cost too much to hunt them down and transport them out. Wake up!

Obama Care you want to kill it and replace it with what? No firm ideas here either just vague responses, no numbers, no solid ideas on improving it either, it is sad how the republicans get away without giving firm numbers or plans isn’t it? Sad really!

I hate to say this bu the republicans don’t even have a firm plan on how to breach and do away with the racial divide in America. And yes I do believe it should be over come and destroyed so all get along.  what many of these discriminating people on both sides forget, is 1) we are all human, 2) we all bleed, and die the same and we all deserve the same exact treatment and rights.3) which means equal rights on all things folks. Wake up !

We don’t want wars anymore and all of us agree on that basically the only problem is how the hell to get out of them and stop ISIS and the other radical elements in the mid-east? Get a solid plan together to encircle them, trap them leaving no way out and eliminate and capture them all.You can’t leave them a place to run, if you do they will be back faster than hell can burn.


The democratic side at least is coming up with ideas and numbers. It is looking inevitable Clinton will get the Nomination here and Sanders will have some say at the Convention.In the end it will probably be Clinton Versus Trump and Trump can’t beat her, at least I doubt it. So lets clear the circus up, and get on with it all.

Jeb Bush did the right thing by suspending his campaign and so did the other Republicans, now, Mr, Carson, Mr, Kashich, let Trump,and Rubio And Cruz duel it out so it can come down to two. Then we can let the American People choose and the Conventions confirm and see a head to head race. Lets stop pussy-footing around here!



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