The Debates and Facts and Needs

        The Debates on both sides are getting old these days. The same tings are being repeated by candidates on both sides and it gets old because we the american people, don’t really see any changes. The Republicans attack each other by calling each other worthless, scared and unable to hold the Presidential Position. The Democrats fire at each other like two captains in a pirate movie trying to sink the others ship, come on now lets be real. lets keep the election real, OK, folks, the american people are honestly tired of being lied to and led in the wrong direction by a corrupt congress.

 I watched every debate so far in this election and watched candidates say some stupid shit on both sides of this thing. In the end who really makes more sense and is being honest here, that is the one we need to really elect. Not all can be President of the United States, only one earns that title, and if we the american people want to make the right choice, we need to get the right questions answered with truth not lies or made up answers.

Here is my opinion at this stage many will not like what I am about to say and many may disagree, but, in the end America must make a choice, and pick someone who will keep us protected, be logical, help the masses of all colors races and types and sexual preferences. This person must be able to look at the economy and create jobs, bring back manufacturing and jobs. They must be able to further expand health care, social security, Medicaid and take care of our elderly and disabled, not just blow hot wind. they must be able to persuade Congress what the people need and get them to agree, so compromise is the way to go here.

 Being a Disabled Veteran myself who served Honorably, we need the military built up for protection once more and we need to take care of all who serve period. We need to get as many as possible off the welfare rolls and unemployment as possible and back to work and be creative and innovative too. We must use the coming technology to expand jobs and education to and to grow our nation.

After all the debates so far I see only one with any experience and knowledge to do the job, and that believe it or not is Hillary Rodham Clinton. I don’t want a carpet bomber in the white house, we don’t someone who talks out two sides of their mouth in there either. We need experience, determination and bring hope .back to America, Vote Hillary and save America from disaster and shame! Russia will have to deal with her hard stance, countries will have to negotiate with an American President who understands them well, instead of rookies. Wake up, Vote Hillary while the choice is still ours America, for any other choice in this election is a mistake of huge proportions. One more statement I have for all who read this, Other Countries can have female presidents and leaders and if any female in American History is ready for the job of President of The United States it is Hillary Rodham Clinton and she has earned it too.





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