A Little Advice For Hillary !

Dear Hillary,

                            I believe in your running for President and your opinions and thoughts in this race, in 2016. I am behind you on your views on ISIS, Medicaid, Medicare, Insurance and more. I too want to save Social Security and help the kids with their education and women’s rights and so much more. But I do have some advice for you regarding younger voters.

                             The younger crowd ages 18 to 25, needs to feel included and given help also, the job market, the economy and tuition costs are all big with them and when you speak to people please and force yourself to use us, we, and plural terms. They all want to be included in your vision of the future, but if you continue to say I and me, it makes them think otherwise. Don’t scold them, promote them and ask for their help to better the country and to join the political push to improve America. You have a much better chance of getting their votes if you include them and speak to them about jobs, dreams, achievements they can accomplish. I hope this will help you win, the Democratic Nomination and Presidency of the United States of America for it is time we caught up with other nations in the world who have female leaders.

   A Supporter named, 

                                                                                            Bill in Connecticut!


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