New Hampshire is over, onward!

The New Hampshire Primary has ended and the outsiders won there. Yes Bernie Sanders Beat Hillary Clinton and Trump won the Republican side. Sadly, that is the way New Hampshire went and we have to accept it now. The races will continue on till we get down to the two candidates head to head. For each side the problems that existed before New Hampshire will continue to exist in the next states, but sooner then later they cast of candidates will widdle itself down.

As to the remainder of the race and the next states, they will determine the candidates mostly who will go head to head in the General Election of course, but who is really electable as our President among them all? Lets be honest at this point, is Bernie Sanders Presidential and Electable or Trump of the right temperament to be President? Do either of them really have the experience, knowledge and abilities to be our leader? Look closer America and be careful for the future of our country in the world, our benefits to our elderly and disableds and more is at stake. Also our position of leadership in the worlds economy and the fight against Isis and Al Quedea.  We are at a crossroads in this country where we must elect someone who can handle the world economy, the world’s politics and the wars, and in the end who can spread themselves thin to cover all the issues completely and make good decisions.

 We have  progress over the last eight years as many have stated, but to rip it all down and start over would be foolish, sad and impossible to rebuild in a four year term of any President we may elect. In saying that we also have to protect Social security, Medicare and Medicaid and help our veterans and seniors so they can live and die respectful as they deserve to do. Do yourselves a favor my fellow Americans, make sure you get specific answers to the questions your asking and firm plans, then decide. Don’t just vote because your caught up in wave, or you laugh with someone ok? The bottom line as many will tell you who have the facts and answers, there will never be free college, for all and yes the rich will fight any increase in their taxes be logical. 

In closing this one, I want to tell you I am now sixty years old I turned lately. As I get older I have seen many Presidents come and go, and in the end the best and worst did do one thing right no matter what, they protected america from evil, so never forget our defense is a big issue also. 


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