New Hampshire Primary Day Tomorrow !!!!

     The First Primary is happening tomorrow in New Hampshire and I hope the good people of that state understand the importance of what they are going to do. For each party they must make a decision on which candidate is the one they back to become President of the United States of America. I hope they understand their votes will determine not only health care for Americans on all levels, foreign policies, diplomacy, the Supreme Courts future make-up and benefits for the Disabled and Aged, as well as Social Security for all.  Their votes will determine which candidates to the rest of the nation they believe in and why!  As you the good people of New Hampshire make your decision, understand we need leadership, smart intelligent, non-selfish, personable, logical, even-tempered and experienced in all ways. Sadly many of the younger generation will be back Bernie Sanders on one side and Trump on the other, not understanding fully what a socialist is, or how uneven tempered, illogical, and silly Mr. Trump really is. 

           New Hampshire and it’s people should know they hold a responsibility this time around that could change the whole outlook of America, not only at home but also abroad. Although, as time will go on, the decisions New Hampshire’s people make, will indeed influence  the whole country and our future as a nation. America can’t deport all illegal immigrants as Mr. Trump and Cruz would like to do.   Mission Impossible there for sure, you would never round em up they would just hide and avoid and reenter later. Nor will Mexico or any other  nation pay to build a wall between our two countries, it’s even silly to suggest they would! Nor can we ban all Muslims from America, it’s against our own way of living and against our laws and Constitution. Wake up folks!

          It seems to me, the Republican Candidates are just slandering, insulting and trying to tear each other down in the public’s eyes. It’s a sad time for politics in American History.


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