New Hampshire it’s your time! 3 Days to GO!

           New Hampshire come Tuesday you will pick a winner in each primary on both sides of the political fence. Please make to right choice and think twice before you vote! Remember, do you want America to go forward with pride, dedication, status in the world, or do you want us laughed at for the next four years come 2017.  Your choices New Hampshire can be the one that propels the economy and America forward or regress us back to many of the problems we had before. 

The Democrats come at New Hampshire with only two candidates: Hillary Rodham Clinton and Bernie Sanders. One a Democrat tried and true to her core and the former First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State. She has a record of  dedication and work to help women, children and health care. She stand proud to defend her country and has plans in many areas that will work.

Then there is Senator Bernie Sanders who is a confirmed Democratic Socialist. His plans although sounding well will never fly through Congress and cause worse log jams than President Obama’s. Lets be realistic also here, while Mr. Sanders wants healthcare for all his plan will not work fully, his ideas in many areas will face and run right into a Buzz Saw Congress and never get through sadly.

The Republicans have a cast of candidates that are too stupid and unrealistic to realize some of them will never win and won’t drop out of the race. In my mind, and heart, while Donald trump holds the lead on this side for the Republican race he is not Presidential at all New Hampshire. What Presidential Candidate slanders his peers, women, Muslims, and so many more and keeps running/ He has slandered the Muslims, women, the Mexicans and so many more. Be realistic here send him back to television and his building talents. Jeb Bush, Chris Christy should both head home neither stands a chance nor does the good Doctor Carson. Reality will hit these candidates very soon, like it did others before them. If you pick Donald Trump you will be making a big mistake, please remember 4 bankruptcies, 3 divorces, and his losing people to his big mouth during this campaign as it is now, companies he lost, the P agents went bye bye on him and more. Is this really who you want representing you as your leader in the world?

That leaves three candidates on the Republican party in my mind, Cruz, Rubio, and John Kashich. Of the three who would I pick, well I think New Hampshire will run up Rubio on the flag pole cause he is young, energetic and handsome.  Yet he has no experience in the Senate to account for, and is too young and not ready. Cruz has proven he will do anything to win and has a smile and a grand line of religious bull behind him. Do we really need Ted Cruz to preach us to a great country, nope. John Kashich makes more sense in my opinion, yet he is not well known and does not get the media circus of the rest of them have gotten. On The Republican John Kashich is the adult of the group who makes some sense. But it is a decision I am making New Hampshire you are in Three Days.

I can only the p[people of the Live Free or Die State realize the importance of their votes and their selections this year! Please, stop, think and choose carefully, for you will set the pace for the race for the White House.



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