My response to Trump’s Political Ploy

         Last night showed trump is not the whole show of The Republican party of the Debates. The candidates who were on the stage did just fine and made many fine points without Mr. trump’s presence.  They debated each other as adults, made fine points and kept the audience they were supposed to for Fox News. Sadly Mr. trump did his own thing and God Bless his desire to help the veterans who gave all for their country, but, he proved to himself and the world he isn’t everything to the world he thinks he is.

           The Trump fiasco will continue on I am sure, but in the end is it really worth it all? Should Americans have to stand by and listen to a full man whine, cry and rant because he doesn’t like a network holding the debate or it’s moderator? Grow the hell up Donald J. Trump, if you want to be President you better not be so fussy, touchy and cry baby like to run to your own room and hide like a little child when times and questions get tough. I hope you now understand the political race for the most powerful office in the world is not yours to toy or play with and neither are the Veterans of this great nation. We served our nation, and got injured, mentally, physically and emotionally, not for ourselves, but for those we love and the american people as a whole, we didn’t cry when times got rough or someone said something we did not like, we fought on and served, maybe you should do the same and shut up. In the case of us Disabled american veterans and the ones who served fully, we disagree with being used to make political points. Stop using us that way.


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