The Trump Fiasco Must Stop

The Trump Fiasco, or circus as I call it is continuing along isn’t it? Sadly Donald J. Trump  believes he is right and everyone else is wrong! How is that possible and why? Does this man who is leading the long list of Republican Candidates for President really think her can get away with this bullshit ? Who is he to choose who moderates a debate and who doesn’t, is he a media executive or a television news producer nope. What kind of a Candidate, just skips a full fledged debate with his political rivals over a stupid thing like not liking the moderator? Does this man really think he is the only reason Fox Television makes money on the debates and that he can hurt them in this way and get away with in the American Peoples minds and hearts?

I have this to say to Mr. Trump first and foremost, I would never vote for you in the first place, secondly you are not America’s answer to anything! You want to build walls where none were ever needed before and think you can make a nation not even your own pay for that wall, stupid. Second Mr. trump what gives you the right to name call women and insult them when and however you want without repercussions ? Everyone has a problem except Donald J. Trump right, your Mr. Perfect? No freaking way!

Three wives, three divorces. four bankruptcies, a big mouth and no real answers and you want to be President get the hell out of here ok!  You want to discuss Bill Clinton’s Infidelities and hide your own right, like what caused all your divorces, the same problem Clinton had! Wake the hell up! Do you really think just because you came up with a slogan  to run for President that sounds good you can win. forget it.  I have been alive 60 years and the first President I remember was Kennedy, and up to Obama now and never have I seen one ever act so childish and foolish and have such a big, ugly mouth. Wake the hell up and get the hell out of the race, you will lose anyway to Hillary or Sanders anyway.

The real sadness here is you have so many foolish none educated people following you, that anything may be possible. But if it does happen and you win the Presidential Office and Position Americans world wide and country wide will  cry once your in. The sad part your policies, suggestions and ideas will destroy America world wide reputation and positionally. Any American who votes for you should know you are not perfect and suffer from so many problems it is sad to even see such an animal running for national office.

America the Iowa Caucasus is next, Iowans and Americans across america listen closely, if you hand the Republican Nomination to Donald J. Trump you are making the biggest mistake you will ever make in American History period. If he acts as President as he does as a candidate , Putin and other world leaders will laugh at us, him and ignore what ever we request to happen, we will be the laughing stock of the world when he walks out on  negotiations with other leaders cause they said something bad about him, so sad isn’t it? We make this mistake Americans and we set back human rights, progress on environmental and social issues, women’s rights and so much more. I hope to God people wake up before it’s too late!


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