Election 2016

America we face the most important election in American History since the re-election of Abraham Lincoln in the 1800s. We are at a point in time where the advances made since Eisenhower are at stake and the programs that have been in place for Americans for their elder days are threatened. Just yesterday the Republicans stole another 150 million dollars from the Social security Fund, and took that from the elderly and disabled that need it most, it’s sad! I don’t care what the purpose was they took it for  they never repay it and many more Americans who are retired, disabled or just of age to need it won’t be getting it now, sad indeed.

Wake up folks, it’s your grandparents, your parents and your future you are stealing from and you are killing your own doing so.  Republicans want to roll back the   women,s vote if they can, take Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security and then borrow more till nothing is left to really fund the country. Being Trillions in debt is not enough is it folks oh no, we have to steal from our poor, elderly, and retired and disabled to make ends meet? Come on now, stop the shit Washington Politicians please! You know whats sad, these politicians are already rich and they want to keep taking, sad as hell. I say we vote em all out of office and let them go home and struggle a bit to make ends meet. Elect a whole new Senate and House folks when you elect a new President, say goodbye to the greedy non listeners in there now and start a new I say.

Now as to Presidential Politics as we say, Hillary Rodham Clinton should be America,s next President period. Experience counts, knowledge counts, smarts counts, dedication counts and resourcefulness goes a long way. Plus you get a two for one deal for Bill Clinton will be in office as first man too, for her to get advice from and to lean on if needed. Be smart folks, don’t let the Republicans take up backwards please, if you do AMERICA WILL NEVER AGAIN BE A LEADING FORCE IN THE WORLD. Take my word for it.

I was born under Eisenhower and have been here through many Presidents folks and each one had their own problems and their own bright lights, Don’t go backwards please. Ike warned of a military machine that could take over, Kennedy made us reach fore the moon, Johnson brought us social reforms and care, Nixon changed our monetary system and took us out of war and kept the economy steady, For did what he could in his short time in office too. Carter stood proud and told you the truth on oil and more, Reagan did his bit to stand up to the whole world and Russia and his wife took over when he couldn’t, although history will never give her credit.  Wake up folks, we don’t need a demi god or a man who hates all, we need a compromiser, a leader, a champion and a leader all in one. Vote Hillary in and you will have one.




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