January 9, 2016, My View on The Race

           The new year started nine days ago and the political arena is crazy for the Republicans as usual and the Democrats are still poking along. But which is best for America now, in 2016, I personally will say the Democrats. In my opinion Hillary is the answer to our country at least for 4 years. I will tell ya why I think so here.

Hillary Clinton brings experience in many areas no one else has and a built in back-up for decision making in a Presidential husband, who has served us before.  Secondly, Trump can kiss my ass if he is telling us, Bill Clinton’s infidelities, has anything to do with Hillary becoming President. Third Hillary has served as a Senator, a Secretary of State and a First Lady and done so in adult ways and with pride in herself, her country and more. Lets face some facts here folks, Trump, Rubio, Cruz or anyone else out there does not match up in experience period. Bottom line in trouble turn to someone who has a good understanding of what needs to be done and done right.

I know Trump will shout all kinds of bullshit about anyone in his path to the Presidency, but he has no idea what he is getting into. He has no diplomacy, knowledge, or skill in dealing with the American Economy.  Yeah he can say he can create jobs, saying and doing is two different things ask any President of the past. We need a strong figure in the White House and one who is not afraid of making decisions needed to be made to keep us number one in the world. I don’t think a person who attacks women, and other candidates and anyone else he can belongs leading America in 2017 at all.

Mr. Rubio is young, too young for the office of the Presidency period. While he has some good ideas the truth is he needs seasoning. Bernie Sanders is too socialist and progressive for America to elect him. Chris Christy belongs back in New Jersey not Washington, his plain speaking, gang talk ways need to go home and think once more.  Ted Cruz has taken Trumps ideas and tried to pad them to make em easier to swallow, but in the end they are not different than what Trump is offering are they really?

As the Presidential Race of 2016 now comes into full swing starting with the Republican’s first votes coming soon, isn’t it time America we got logical, smart and intelligent in our choice, and  realistic in this mess. IF you got any common sense, logic and intelligence folks you don’t vote Republican, you vote Democrat and give the Office to the woman who really has earned it, Hillary Rodham Clinton. This is no ones opinion other than mine!.


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