The Time is Now!!!!!!!!!! Lets do this

     It is time America, France, Germany, Japan, Briton, and all free and democratic nations including Mexico and Canada and anyone else who believes in freedom of religion, free speech, justice for all and liberty and honor, that we all gather and join forces no matter your differences with each other, to eliminate, destroy and get rid of ISIS, Al Qaeda, and any organization or country that terrorizes people the world over and kills just to be heard and says nothing really at all !  Russia, China should join too, for they are the next targets of this ruthless, non caring organizations killing innocent people for no damn reason other than attention to themselves. If they want attention so much, lets give them what they want, lets locate them, their headquarters and their people and bomb the hell out of them including anyone involved or associated with them. I know it sounds cruel and uncaring, but isn’t it unfair and cruel for the french people who who shot down innocents in San Berindino, California, and others world wide? All were innocents, killed for an organizations attempt to get attention and condemn everyone else who has their own beliefs, isn’t it time it stops? You tell me folks, should one religion or one organization have right to kill innocent people just to try to spread their own fantic and religious beliefs? NO!  My answer, it is time Presidents, World Leaders and NATO and anyone else that reads this, lets stop them now ! 




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