Survival they say is hard to do for many like me. I was born with Attention Deficit Disorder and Hyper- Activity. I was raised by parents who threatened me each day of my childhood and who put me away for two years in an institution. I overcame the humiliation of the other kids looking at me in elementary school prior to my graduating with them and moved on to enter a Technical High School, by passing the entrance exam. Yet I didn’t get to stay in the school I wanted because we moved from one town to another and the distance was too much and I was needed at home. Still I survived threats from girl-friends brothers and guys I would call animals in my high school days to go on to serve my country for 16 years. I survived the United states Army, Army national Guard and The United States Navy, only to be discharged medically under Honorable circumstances, with six herniated discs in my back and PTSD. Yet here I still be going on sixty alive and still kicking.

               I would live thru a divorce, my parents deaths from cancer, not one but both of them plus my step-father too. I went on to live and support my second wife thru breast cancer and recovery and then years later went through lung cancer myself and now, my wife has bone cancer due to it spreading from her breast cancer. survival is important and many don’t understand the pain of radiation, and chemo, or the pain of shots and pills and tests left and right. Most don’t stop to think about what it take sto survive in the world.

                  In The end here is what survival is all about folks, never giving up, never saying no, never surrendering to whatever you face. It is a feeling of surviving for others not for yourself. A Man doesn’t survive years in the service for himself he does it for the loved ones her leaves at home. He does it for the parents and siblings he has, and his or her partners and children at home not themselves.  Survival is tough, never giving up, never giving up for any reason and thinking as your going thru it all not about yourself but those you love dearly and how they will feel if you give up and die. You Survive and Go Thru the aches, the pains, the misery so you can look at the ones you love so dearly and make them smile because you are still here.  Survival at it’s best folks!

                       When the time does come for those of us who are survivors to leave the earthly plane, it usually is proceeded by depression and that finally leads us to surrendering. Just in case anyone wonders why, we give up this is it. We get depressed because we can’t do much more for others and have become dependent on family and friends. We feel useless and helpless and surrender to the fact we are unable to care for ourselves or anyone else. Or the ultimate happens and the pain gets too great and it overcomes us and our body gives up. But Survival is vital as long as we have someone to survive for, always remember that folks.


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