Trumps Rant and facts!

Donald Trump has no idea, or business running for President! He believes he can make America Great Again, that is false advertising on his part and a false statement period, America is still great and will always be great!

His plan for immigrants is crazy and stupid too. There is no way Americans are going to stand by as you put a deportation team together to chase down illegal immigrants and let you rip them apart from their children and families. Wake up and The cost would be unbelievable for the country to do such a thing. And one other thing if you think the Mexican Government is smarter than ours that’s fine, but they are also smarter than Trump, no damn way will they pay for a wall between the two countries no matter what Trump says. The Mexicans don’t want or need the wall and neither do we. Silly shit Trump says is all it is.

Trump’s 95 minute rant on Ben Carson, the wall, immigration, Hillary and his republican opponents was stupid, outrageous and foolish. You want to handle the reins of our government to a man of this temperament and attitude, are Americans sick, or just crazy, Wake Up. The way I have seen the Republican Debates, it seems to me it is a circus and the party can’t even find one candidate worth running. Sadly, each one has their own faults, says stupid shit and makes no common sense. If you notice not a one of them can give you a firm plan for anything they talk about, it is all speculation and promises they can not keep. And the biggest mouth of them all DOnald Trump is so far off in his ideas and plans, that he sounds so crazy and outlandish that if he won, other countries would run the other way when they saw him coming.

Sadly Americans will have to face the fact there is no real Republican that can win the Presidency, not in 2016, the ones who are running fail in so many ways to have the common sense, logic and minds to run our country, each one will destroy what exists with no other plan in place Obama Care. That leaves millions upon million without health care period, stupid. I hope and pray Americans will wake up and see the facts for what they are, Republicans want to kill OBama Care, let Medicare and Medicaid go down the tubes and Social Security too. If you wantt o save Social Security Medicare and Medicaid stop borrowing from them to pay other programs and bills and put the damn money back in place.


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