Cancer Sucks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Thoughts!

My Wife now has bone cancer which has spread from her breast cancer nine years ago, It came back in a storm in her body, it is in her skeleton system, in her sternum, shoulder, rib and spine and who knows where else it can be in her body. we have done MRIs and Pets Scans and now we go to a radiologist for treatment plans and treatment for the pain in her back. They say all they can do is make her comfortable with the radiation treatments for her back to ease the pain, but what about the rest of her body where the cancer rages on?

Look I am not unrealistic ok, but, I love my wife and she is now 75 years old and suffering more pain each day, I am doing all I can to take care of her at home, feeding her, helping her wash and dress, but I am no spring puppy anymore myself and I know someday soon I shall not be able to take full care of her, so where do I turn for help? Plus I will need to make arrangements to cremate her at death and sell our home and move and get the hell out of a big home I am sure I will be overcome with grief and miss her big time, plus I will be overburdened with how to clear out and move and resettle for the end of my life too. I am currently 60 in January of 2016, and on veterans disability and Social Security Disability too. What am I to do on my own, where does one turn for help?

My thoughts are simple care for her till she passes, sell everything and get the hell out, and get a place of my own to live and die in in peace for the rest of my life. That’s all I want, is for her not to suffer too much and to help her die as painless as possible when she goes Is that asking too much? I hope not!

Me I want a decent car when she dies, a place I can live with no rent , paid off from the big home we have now and to live my life out in peace and some kind of comfort till I die too. I will fill out paperwork for the Military to bury me on my death, so no one gets any cost from it. Is peace and quiet too much to ask for when your love one is dying of cancer and you have had it too, and you don’t know what to do, because you are overloaded with all that is going on?

I hope and pray, my wife of going on 23 years, will die peacefully and with as little pain as possible and that I can grieve her death in peace and quiet, and then be able to sell all I need to to survive for the rest of my own life alone and in peace till I die too and meet her in heaven.


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