My Thoughts on2016 Election

I have heard it all from Mr. Trump,and The Republican party, I think it should end soon enough. As mr. trump will learn shortly I am sure, his political views and stances as a republican suck. In fighting between him and the other candidates are making it seem like a three ring circus. if the Republicans won’t stop it themselves then I am sure the American People will use it against them at election time.

Meanwhile The Democrats will take center stage with their first debate come Tuesday evening.  Hillary and Bernie and three more will take the stage togive their views and solutions to the nations problems and their visions of the future. when they do I can guarantee the three ring circus that occurred with the Republicans will not occur for the Democrats.

   In the end it will be the American people’s choice who to elect President of The United States of America. I hope and pray the American People will have more logic and common sense than the Republicans have period. Lets make a logical and sense filled decision Americans, don’t let stupidity run the country no more. Lets not only elect Hillary Clinton President lets replace all these dead end republicans in congress who just want to shut down our government instead of work to improve the country.


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