Pray with me Please!

       Cancer has no feelings, it doesn’t care who it takes or when it takes them. Cancer is not discriminating, nor is it prejudice in anyway it gets all it can. Sadly, it raises it’s head unexpectedly and can attack at anytime. It did in my birth family and now in my marriage.

 It got my Grandfather on my mother’s side when he was 70 years old, it got my real father at 55 years old,it got my step-father at 55, and my mother at 59. It got to me at 57 and I am still here at 59, beat it once but who knows, now it has hit my wife for the second time in her life. Cancer sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!

Recently my wife thought she had thrown her back out or something after surviving breast cancer in 2006. Well, it has raised it’s head once more in her, this time it is affecting her spine, according to Doctors who did an MRI of her. Seems it has grown tumors on her spine, who knows how long it will take to fight it or how or what we have to do, she is now 75. Who Knows what can be down, but I sleep on a couch now as she sleeps in my recliner so she can breathe at night. I know she will need possible oxygen tanks to inflate her lungs soon and won’t be able to go upstairs anymore, it’s all too painful for her, She is now medicated on Percs and wearing depends because she can’t control herself anymore. Where she was once a proud women who graduated UConn  with a degree in psychology, her mind is slipping too, her memory is not as well as it was before.  But she keeps aupbeat attitude and keeps moving and trying to keep her spirits up as much as possible.

As her daughter and I now scramble to find Doctors to help her, in a panic hoping we can save her, we also know the odds, when some say the only thing that they can do to kill her pain is radiation. But we will fight on now and see what we can do to prolong her life and keep her with us. But I know if the pain becomes unbearable, she s\will be in a hospital or nursing home some day soon, unless it can be reversed. All I can do is pray and hope, can you pray and hope with me, please?


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