Make it So America!!!!!!!

   Personally speaking, I am a 59 year old white male, who grew up in a family of five children, with a french canadian mother, my father was a scottish american whose parents came here on a boat in 1919. I was raised by an Albanian Step-father who was a muslim and  I was raised roman catholic by my mother till I was 14 years old. I was raised in the projects of Waterbury, Connecticut in the 1960’s and in Naugatuck Ct in the 1970s, I lived among whites, blacks, hispanics and any other race or nationality you could think of. And yes I get along with all of them too and I don’t care what color, race, ethnicity, you may be, respect me and I will respect you period. I just want to make that clear for all before I start my little speech and what I want to say. I am also a Disabled American veteran who served in three branches, The U.S. Army, The U.S. Army National Guard and The United States Navy.

    I have all over the United States from Connecticut to Florida, to Texas to California, and yes some of each race, culture, and nationality that read my writings and stories and poems. And I listen when others speak and I respond in kind to what I am asked, believe me, but I have a problem with The Black Lives Matter group. All lives matter people period, no one race is more important than the other and the white man, or asian, or hispanic is not responsible for killing off the black people as much as the black people are of killing off their own. The African Americans are killing off their own at a faster rate then any other race cares to kill them off, plus they tend to leave more children fatherless than any other race why is that? I don’t have the answers to it but the African American population in America should stop and start looking for the answers to this among themselves, not pointing fingers at others.

      Next subject, I am a liberal individual who leans toward the democratic side but prides himself on being an independent in all ways. Yes I approve of women’s rights, yes I believe in abortion in the cases of rape and health reasons for the mother and child. I believe in Education for all, no matter what color, race, or ethnicity. Yes, equal rights and equal pay for all work, and yes Social Security should be fixed and extended for all. Medicare and Medicaid are both needed as is Obama Care, or if you are going to change Obama  Care you better cover all it does and more to do it. That’s my opinion. I also believe all American Veterans deserve full medical and dental benefits and that the disability payments for disabled veterans should rise at a rate better than they do today, better than the cost of living please.These men and women who served did so voluntarily at the cost of their own lives and health to protect and defend our country and you and me, lets give them the benefits they deserve! AM I too liberal, am I wrong, if you think so fine, but in the end, we the people will be electing the next President, the next Senate and House and it is about time The Politicians and candidates of both parties understand they are elected to accomplish things for the people not deadlock the government. Speak loud and clear this election folks, if they were part or are part of the current deadlocked congress and senate than they need removed and replace by people who will accomplish things for all of us. Make it So!


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