Top Ten Reasons to Dump Trump!

Top Ten Reasons Trump should not get the Republican Nomination

1) Arrogant in all ways.

2) Obnoxious individual.

3) Has no experience in office period.

4) His Ideas for foreign policy are not realistic and he has no idea what he would be dealing with.

5) The way he talks about and to women,is a) rude, crude and indifferent b) insulting to all women and their families.

6) He has had to file for bankruptcy on four casinos he has run and they all failed!

7) The  amount of his divorces, is only exceeded by the number of times he has filed bankruptcy in business.

8) If he should win the Republican Nomination, the fact is the Republicans will lose in the general election he is not electable as a President!.

9) Ever notice when Trump makes a mistake or insults someone he  always makes  up  a line to say he loves them, why is that?

10) Politics is not always the art of negotiation, it is diplomacy too and the ability to listen to others is big, Mr. Trump fails in both areas!

And one more thing Mr. Trump is not always right and never admits when he is wrong, you can’t be President if you can’t change your mind and listen to others, period.


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