Stop The Trump Fiasco

      It is now time folks for the Donald J. Trump Fiasco of a Presidential run to halt! Are Americans actually thinking about making this man the President of the most powerful nation in the world, come on now!

Do you really want to trust your economic, military and moral fate to a man who has been divorced three times, committed bankruptcy four times, and we are gonna count on him to create jobs, help the economy and the average American, come on now! Do you really believe his horseshit about building a wall across America’s southern border to keep illegal Mexicans out, if you do your more gullible than a 6 month old baby! And what makes him even think Mexico cares what the hell he says and will allow him to build his wall and them pay for it, never will happen I tell ya. This guy talks good shit, but the fact is he has to deal with not only the world’s leaders if elected, but a thing called Congress! You know those Senators and Congressmen and women. What makes him think he can overcome the Bill of Rights And Constitution  regarding the laws of who is an American Citizen or isn’t?  Our forefathers who wrote and produced the Constitution and those who wrote the Bill of Rights did so for good reasons and those documents are not only honored and respected by Americans but also by the world, just ask the legal and illegal immigrants trying to come here, including Mr. Trumps ancestors and yours and mine. So Wake up!

 Mr. Trump show me how you will create jobs, how will you get them back from other countries, come now I want a clear plan not an oversight, facts, steps and more. Show me how you will negotiate a wall with Mexico and our own land owners along the southern border and make Mexico pay. I don’t want the bullshit line of how great a negotiator you are are, how you have hard liners to discuss and settle these things, for we all know talk fails don’t we Donald! I tire of hearing all of this from you while you bad mouth women out of one side of your mouth, and out of the other side claim to back them one hundred percent in health issues. Your full of shit man, you couldn’t save your self and your companies from bankruptcy  four times or your marriages three times, be real.

Mr. Trump has no diplomatic abilities either! Can you imagine him going to Germany, Japan, China France, Spain or any other country who may have female Presidents and Dignitaries and calling them fat, ugly, over weight, stupid or not tens! Come on really, I can see the German Chancellor kicking his ass out of her country for his mouth, he just totally disrespects women every where he goes, not just Rosie O’Donnell!  Sad isn’t it, when Americans are looking for a new leader, and actually thinking of voting for such a man just because he knows how to control the media outlets and act well. This is not a television show Mr. Trump just because you can point a finger at someone on television and say You’re Fired doesn’t mean you can run a  country! And America you are a sad country if you elect this man President, while he talks a good game the facts are it’s all bullshit and he could never pull it off and he knows it too, whether his hair is real or not! lol! 

So while you watch the Election period grow and time move on Americans, you better be looking further and far beyond Mr. Trump for a President and get into the nitty gritty of who can really get things done and fix the mess we have. Donald John Trump is not the answer for America, or the World, believe me folks! 



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