Jimmy Carter/ Cancer. The Fight For All of US!

            The dignity and pride of President James Earl Carter, and his religious beliefs show in all he does, from his work with his Homes for Humanity, to his recent and new press conference today on his cancer and his condition and prognosis and treatment plans.  Jimmy Carter has proven that he was elected not just because he is a Democrat at his heights during the times, he is indeed a Leader in so many ways, that it is sad he is usually overlooked. 

Cancer is a diagnosis no human being wants to face and I don’t care what the kind is!. Mr. Carter is proving he is strong, and smart and his dignity shows in all he does. I personally admire him and his attitude and strength he is sharing with all cancer victims.

               My wife and I both have survived cancer, and we are grateful that we are still here today. My wife suffered breast cancer which spread to her lymph nodes under her left arm. After numerous tests, MRI and cat scans and a trip to NYC ‘s Sloan Kettering Hospital to see Cancer specialist, she was saved and did not lose a breast. Myself as a disabled veteran, and survivor of lung cancer I was lucky as hell. Mine was found by the Veterans Hospital in West Haven, Connecticut, and in a survey for veterans with family history of cancer. I was lucky and they removed a lobe and one-third of my right lung and I still persist today, fighting and surviving is a family trait,as it is in the Carter Family too.  We fight Cancer every day and we are winning more wars these days against it than ever before, but the fight has to go on for we are not totally victorious yet. 

Let me say this to those who don’t understand this disease, cancer, it is an ongoing struggle for all of humanity to overcome it and as each victim it takes from humanity happens, they learn more about it and make advances against it daily. The Fight shall continue for all of us cancer victims of all ages, sizes, weights, colors, creeds and races. The battle can never be stopped or held back, for each day we lose people who would’ve been great, and advanced humanity and it’s status, but due to being taken from us by Cancer, they couldn’t. 

Do us all a favor folks, take your racial wars, your racial fights, your wars and political bullshit and shove it up your asses! You want to fight something and help humanity, fight Cancer and give so more can live! Jimmy Carter has cancer, I did, my wife did, my grandparents died of it and it took my mother and my father and yes even my step-father, lets fight Cancer folks, it is the number one devastating disease in the world in my opinion. Lets fight and beat it folks,I wish and so does my wife and our families the best to Jimmy Carter in his fight against cancer as we too continue our own fight against it. The Battle against Cancer must continue in the labs, in medicine and in life. Lets fight folks and save what we can, for if Jimmy Carter can be brave, strong and show us his strength in fighting it, we can all fight it in all ways possible and support all who suffer from it.!


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