Drop Out Donald Trump! For America’s Sake!

     Trump, why would anyone want a man who committed bankruptcy three times on his own businesses and who has been divorced and remarried and went thru 3 wives  as President?  Wake up America, trump says he gets his military advice from Television commentators? really now?  Get informed and educated Mr. Trump in politics, economics, and military planning please! learn before you open your mouth about these things! Imagine a President Trump going to Germany and Talking down to the German Leader as he does American Women today? He wouldn’t last 5 minutes doing so, she would eat him up and spit him out and tell him to go home and learn respect. What a reflection that would be on Americans in the world!

That said by me, we need to now look at his attacking other politicians, such as Hillary Clinton on her performance as Secretary of State.  I remind you Mr. Trump, Hillary Rodham Clinton, acted as Secretary of State and worked for President Barrack Obama not herself. She had no choice in what she did in many cases and received instructions from President Obama on how to perform her duties. President Obama knew how she stored text messages and what she did as Secretary of State and approved it all, you want to go after someone for the security issue here try Obama! Stop trying to knock down Hillary when in fact she will kick your ass in the General Election if you get there! Let’s face some facts Mr. Trump, I have watched you criticize too many people and things you have no idea of or about for real. It’s really sad that you believe you can criticize Veterans and those who served in anyway, you haven’t served one bit have you? You never held a political office period so who are you to say what you can or not do, the point is Congress exists as a check and balance system that guides and fights back against Presidents and The Executive System to protect the people period. Do You Understand that?

What makes you think Mexico will pay for a wall between the borders, freely or that you can create a tariff on your own will and power if President you can’t! Congress must approve of it before you can even begin it. And do you really think Mexico or it’s people will agree to a wall between the two nations, hell no they won’t. They benefit too much from the border  being open and we all know it. The trade between the two countries , the travel industry and more would stop you alone from doing it. You want to stop American Companies from moving North or South of our borders to create items we manufacture and keep taxes at home, try, giving Nabisco and Ford tax breaks to remain here. Try making it more affordable for these producers to operate here at home instead of moving overseas or across our borders. That may change their minds, we kill their profits Mr. Trump by raising our own tariffs and taxes on our own manufacturers. Sad isn’t it? But True. Decades ago here in Connecticut, we had Uniroyal Inc. in a small town called Naugatuck here. They gave their people the best medical, dental and savings plans ever given in america and gave them pay raises on a constant basis. The employees lived high on the hog from it all and Uniroyal continued to make tires and sneakers for all to buy and had a decent profit margin for all. Then, the Unions took over and the employees demanded more pay, more benefits and more or everything you could think of. In the end the company said no, and the Union put the employees out on strike. The end result was as follows Mr. Trump, Uniroyal gave in, brought the employees back to work and six months later they shut down, laying off all workers and management and picked up their factory and equipment and took it overseas. What made them go, high taxes by the state, and federal and town governments, and too much demand by the Union and employees. So in the end, the town of Naugatuck, Connecticut became a Ghost Town Sir, no jobs, for anyone in the area and so many out of work, the state still has not recovered or the area either, of the Naugatuck Valley, sad huh?

Connecticut was also affected Mr. Trump by military cutbacks and the loss of contracts for submarines and naval equipment. Once the largest producer of submarines and naval equipment, we are now toward the bottom of it all. Why? You want to help America Mr. Trump, create jobs by lowering taxes on businesses and manufacturers. from the small businesses to the factories, give them incentives to create and produce and encourage creation of products and innovation. Don’t take shit, do it and watch, you will see a change. Extend Unemployment for all, and retrain blue collar workers for white collar positions and jobs, increase pride and more in people by encouraging not demeaning anyone or anything.

 I heard recently Mr.Trump you say that Ronald Reagan is the last era of greatness for America. I disagree Sir, you want to know when America was last Great and productive and admired and respected, take a look back to John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon. When was the last time we had plenty of jobs and food and gas was affordable, when could you get a comic book for a nickle or a quarter, when could you get a loaf of bread for twenty nine cents? Tell me Sir and why could we do it back then, because our Leaders, learned and knew to get along and be prosperous in America, Americans had to Compromise and these Leaders knew it back then, shouldn’t we also know that today! I think we should!

One thing I will say before I go any further Mr. Trump is this, We the American People are tired of supporting, helping and sustaining and policing other nations !. We spend so much money and time on military and political aid in the world and other countries we allow our own people who serve and protect our country to come home and end up on our streets and live in cardboard boxes and not get their health taken care of , or fed?  You want to be President Sir, then I say this bring jobs,back, stop policing and protecting the world, that didn’t give a damn when we were hit on 9/11, they didn’t come running with money, or medical help of reconstruction help did they, why do we do it for them? Next if necessary lets end the Middle East mess the best way possible Sir, lets locate Isis and Al Qaeda, where they live and grow and take them out with bombs making a parking lot out of where they hide, and just move in militarily and take over the area and secure us a place in the Middle East, giving us the oil we need and stabilizing the area by our presence there. Even a suggestion of us moving into that area and taking over would rackle and raise hairs and make them think twice wouldn’t it and slow down their bullshit. Think about it folks!. Our presence there would make them think twice about attacking anyone, including us, because our presence would bring our military and political force to the area for them to contend with. Interesting huh?

Lastly and not the least, Mr. Trump, listen closely, you have no diplomatic abilities and don’t understand how to talk to women and you insult and outrage them with the way you talk about them and their bodies and minds. Are you sick or just that bad of a man, that you have to attack women in these ways and manner, to just make yourself look better than them? Your a sad excuse for a man when you continue to make sexist remarks about woman period, and that makes you not Presidential Material in my book! You want to help your country Mr. Trump, drop the hell out of the election and republican running for it, and pack up your bags and go home, keeping your sexist, unreasonable ideas to yourself. I think America needs leaders yes Sir, but you’re not the one we need, when you can’t conduct yourself better than you have so far. Drop out Mr. Trump, please for all our sakes!






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