President James Earl Carter’s Cancer Diagnosis

           Good Morning to All!  My Blog today is my thoughts on the recent news of  President Jimmy Carters diagnosis of Cancer and what it means to the world and America . Now many Americans will say no big deal many die of cancer and face the same every day in America, but none ran for President and won and then served for 4 years and did the best they could to turn around our nation. James Earl Carter, is a man with some great ideas and great outlooks and he has set examples for Americans all over the world and others too. He Has built homes for the homeless, he has farmed and he has supported America in all ways he can. His abilities have been used to debate, and bring together nations no one would ever believe would have ever met in the same room, in our lifetimes. He has always had a positive outlook and he believes in America and it people and he will, if he dies be remembered as a man who loved life, his family and his country and not necessarily in that order. The sad part of it is James Earl Carter never got to finish his presidency the way he wanted and he knows it and so do americans everywhere. He has lived a full life indeed, his rise from a peanut farmer to a Governor then to The Presidency is historic and shall never be forgotten. His peaceful ways, his determination and his pride as a person and politician shall be his legacy if he should die soon. Mr. Carter has worked endless in many fields helping humanity in all ways and America too, he is world reknown for his peace keeping missions, his negotiating and his mediator abilities and if he should pass from this life from his cancer, he shall be sorely missed not only by his family and friends but by the Nation and The World.  James Earl Carter will be remember as a Leader, a Peace Maker and most of all as a man who did always what he believed was right!. And his prognosis  will be one we all shall be watching and I hope President Carter will not suffer, and that he shall be remember as he should a Hero, a President and a Leader of Men and Women WorldWide. He deserves all Honors and a place in History of the best. God Bless you James Earl Carter for all you have done for human kind, America and The Wolrd, we send our best wishes to you and hope you get better!



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