It’s Time to Choose Soon!

         It’s time America, we need to be selfish like many other nations and to step back from lending help to so many that want to destroy us, or who don’t give a damn about us as a people and nation.  We put out trillions of dollars to help other countries, the Koreans ,the Iraqis, the  Afghans, the whole damn Middle East as we try to keep it peaceful over there. Then you add our assistance given to so many countries in the world for humanitarian needs, then stop and think, who the hell helps us?

 The American People help everyone worldwide that we can and we encourage democracy and hope and peace and when we get attacked like we did on 9/11 did anyone come running for us and help us, hell no! No one came running offering assistance medically, monetary wise of politically did they, nope! They sat back and went oh look America got hit and we are gonna watch what happens next, we had to bury our own dead, we had to clean up the mess of the two towers that went down from the attack, and no one gave two shits about it in the world.Why is that?

I don’t agree with Donald Trump the Republican candidate in anyway, but he is right about one thing America is being used by other countries in the world and being taken advantage of as well as being pushed around. Personal Opinion on my end, Donald Trump is too bombastic, bold, egotistical to be President of these United States. can you imagine him in talks with female leaders of other countries, telling them they are too fat, pigs,or not smart enough to lead. or him trying to negotiate a wall with Mexico and the reaction he would get from world leaders, the way he talks, come on now. While he is a business man and a real estate mogul and Casino Owner, he is not Presidential material with his attitudes, actions and voice. The way he carries himself is like he thinks he can bully the world into following him. it will not happen. But he has some good things he is bringing up also, why should America be allowing Mexico free access to our border and country? Why Should our Automobile Industry, Invented in America now be being taken over by other countries and our manufacturers of automobiles be building then on other countries? Bring em home, lower the taxes on the industry and lure them home and keep them here to create exports and jobs for Americans not Mexicans or Japanese or anyone else. On those points I agree with Mr. trump we need to do something about these things, but not his way, he can not just invent tariffs, and slap them on nations because he doesn’t like what they are doing.  It will  be a breach of international edict and cooperation, period and be scorn upon by the world.While we need to stop the illegal immigration problem at our southern border and building a wall sounds like a great idea, no one will ever get Mexico to pay for it not even Trump. Here is the bottom line folks on Mr. Trump in my book and in my opinion ok, Donald Trump is a big ego, that needs to be knocked down some, he needs to be more diplomatic, and more cunning as he says. But he also needs to be able to get along with others and play nice, in the world, lets face it no one puts up with a bully for long do they? I saw impressive performances in the Republican Debate but not by Donald Trump, by carly Fiorina, by Dr. Ben Carson yes, but not Trump You can’t keep saying you will do something and not produce a plan to do it and get it done to the American People where is the plans to do these things? What actions will you take to get them done and when will Americans hear them?  While I am at it, here is  one to ask Donald Trump Americans, why is he on his third wife, why did the first two end in divorce, why did Mr. Trump have to file bankruptcy three times and start over? It concerns me that he did and wants to be President, can America commit Bankruptcy and survive, nope so how the hell can he?  I am also tiring of hearing how great he is, how much money he has and how rich he is, how he will do this or that, but no proof of how he will do anything, it’s a crook of shit! Or like the deli owner on television on CNN said have  a Trump Sandwich it’s a LB. of Baloney! Don’t buy his bullshit America make him produce a plan and make him prove what he says, he was wrong on Obama’s Birth Certificate, he does make mistakes and can be wrong period, remember three bankruptcies. It is time Americans to get ready to pick a new President for America but it is not the time to make it Trump, he is not Presidential material in anyway.

Ross Perot failed in his bid and he was rich, and Trump should and will fail in his too, believe me! We the American People are not stupid enough or naive enough to believe this man’s words just because he is a billionare are we? I hope not, our ForeFather’s who wrote the Constitution did not use rich men to create our country and make them Presidents, they used smart, intelligent, courageous men, Washington, Jefferson,Adams, and yes Franklin. Not all were perfect, but they did produce the greatest constitution in the world and the greatest country, not on being rich, but by and for the people. Always remember that America, and choose carefully, in 2016! we need to be selfish and pull back on helping others and bringing our economy back and helping our own to live better and get educated better, we need to extend unemployment, create jobs by giving manufacturing breaks tax wise, we need to encourage ideas and ingenuity, to make it work better. we can’t stop taking care of our Veterans or elderly either, nor can we ignore the healthcare crisis and kill Obamacare, we should work to improve it, not remove it. Last and foremost but not least,America must earn back the trust, the respect the world had for us for the past over 200 years. We must set the pace, we must provide, defend and keep hope, democracy and peace alive in the world it is our position and place. If you Agree with me, then I suggest you let the world know and other Americans too, let them all know wherever you go, We Must pick right and choose right and bring America Back!

Any Comments can be sent to me here on my Blog or to my E-mail Account on Google,, Thanks for reading this! 


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