Donald Trump is Not Presidential !!!!!!!

            I look at Presidents of the past, who carried themselves with pride, integrity and honesty, who knew how to conduct themselves, with all, including women, men, children and friends and foes. And In Donald Trump I see a person who does not have the mannerisms or style or abilities of a Presidential candidate.

Is Donald Trump Presidential to you when he says comments about women bleeding out there eyes and elsewhere on their bodies? Doesn’t he understand women outnumber men 3 to one in America and  the world and that by alienating them he is dooming his own possibilities of being elected. I am sure he does, he graduated from Wharton College and has a degree, he is not stupid at all. So what is Donald Trump really up to with his statements about women and the immigration of mexicans and other sinto America? Is he there to anger the American Voters, so someone else can win election, is he really just distracting people from something else, or is he trying to help another candidate in the race? Believe me Donald Trump is not an ignorant or uneducated individual, he knows what he is doing with these comments and word, and he has some purpose to it all.

  What his end game is, we may not be told or know by the time he is done, because he is playing a game of hide the truth of what he is up to. He knows damn well that women make up 2/3s of the American voters and that by making statements he is pushing them away from himself and his run for the President’s Office and Position, yet he continues making these statements why? Easy folks, he does’t really want to run for President, nor does he really want the position, he wants to just disrupt the process, long enough for someone else to step in and win.

  By, my opinion that is what he is up to, so here is what I say for all to hear. How much more of Donald Trumps comments against women, mexicans and immigrants will the American People take? How long will it take Americans to send Donald Trump a message to get the hell out of the race?  What is next that he can report or state that is wrong or off base, that Americans will have to listen to? Do you really want Donald Trump representing you to Russia and Putin, or to any other country? Do you really think he can build a wall across the Mexican border and make Mexico pay for it? He can’t no matter how good his negotiating skills may be. Do you really want a man who made such statements against women, as your President, that your children wil have coming into their home at least 6 times a year on television in your home? Is this a man you want your children to grow up with and admire if he gets elected ladies and gentlemen, I think not!

 Do all of us a favor Americans, tell Donald Trump to get out of the election and off the stage, tell him to drop out of the race and stop his damning and nasty statements and sexist statements against women and immigrants with him! Sadly, too many people are afraid of Donald Trump because he has money and a big mouth and the American Press as his platform to keep doing what he is. The Press should begin to look away from him and let him flounder in the wind so to say, sooner of later he will disappear and Americans can tell him like he did all other on The Apprentice, Your FIred!  Get off the stage Donald and stop the bullshit, you are not Presidential material in anyway!. Drop Out !!!!!!!!!!!



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