August 7th, 2015 The day after First Republican Debates

 Two debates  by the Republicans happened last night. The first the outstanding individual was Carly F, she remained cool, calm and came prepared, had good answers and didn’t take no crap from anyone.She impressed me and many others with her performance and answers and looked very like a great leader for all to follow. She easily beat anyone on the stage with her, because she was prepared, intelligent and logical too. I hope we shall see her in future Republican debates against the front runners next time.

 Next came the 9 pm Debate with the top ten popular republican candidates supposedly. The ten stood on stage and from the get go you could get a apprehension from them all, like they feared what was coming, not one was fully prepared. But I did admire certain answers and candidates and the way they handled themselves. My belief is that one stood out and that was the good Doctor Ben carson, he had sense, logic and a sense of humor. Secondly, Chris Christie told the truth on the issues he addressed, but his attack on Rand Paul was not right, yet he was correct in what he said. Trump to me did not outshine anyone, his answers were without merit, or logic, what do you mean because you say so, or because some border guards told me so. Where is the proof of the illegal immigrants being criminals, there is none Mr. Trump and you know it. And we all know you will not build any wall on the Southern border of the United States to keep mexicans out nor will the Mexicans pay for one, so cut the bullshit. You have no education solutions, no solutions for the job market or unemployed people, nor do you have a solution to bring manufacturing back to America. You don’t have the answers Mr. Trump and you know it like we all do too, tho you do know Television presence don’t ya        

Certain candidates did not belong on the stage in this debate even though they got there barely. Rand Paul has no business being there and his answers sucked as did his carrying of himself.Ted Cruz is not Presidential material in my book and even though he tried hard to convey what he wanted to say, he failed in connecting to Americans. Mike Huckabee in my opinion was alike a fish out of water on a stage where he didn’t belong with his religious views and ideas. So, in my opinion in two republican debates in one day,or evening I saw only one of them make any sense and that was Carly F in the first one.So before you accept these people as your candidate Americans, make them answer how they will improve the economy, bring jobs back, make em tell you how they will keep social security and medicare and medicaid going for those in need, make them tell you how they will lower taxes for the middle income and lower income folks and extend unemployment too. Make them tell you what they can replace ObamaCare with before they even try or get elected. Be smart Americans, don’t accept, because I said so.


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