My Political concerns in the 2016 Presidential Race!

       Three days into August of 2015, and the sales start for Christmas, and the Presidential Election Process is building faster. The Republicans are running 16 people, the Democrats four, so 20 people want to be President and the problem is who is really qualified and can prove it to the American People?

I am growing older these days and I have seen too many things in my lifetime to fall for bullshit and big talk, so those would be the candidates I would eliminate first as a voter. Secondly if your not for Health care, Medicaid,Medicare, and Social Security get lost. Third, Create jobs and boost the economy for all Americans and you will get my vote. Extend Unemployment, Give Tax Breaks to companies wanting to manufacture in America, get us out of Middle East Wars and Policing and bring troops home and the money and supplies and pay to keep our war veterans and the homeless and hungry going here first. You want The White House help middle income America and the poor get richer and make enough to eat, house and protect themselves and you get my vote, otherwise you won’t.

The Next thing to look at Americans is the no work, and stalled congress we have. They play in Washington, but do not a damn thing for anyone. They block, and vote out anything that will help the people and stalemate the President and the people by doing it. It’s a sad, sad world if you’re in Congress, whether it is the house or senate if you ask me, neither is accomplishing a god damn thing, yet they get paid enough by us all. Lazy bastards! And many of them now are running for the President’s position  in our nation and they can’t even take care of their own states and people they represent. Let’s face facts, Americans, we need a huge turnover, in both the Senate and House, and a President they will support and work with, before we can get anything done. We need better Gun Control Laws, and better Law Enforcement Techniques too, and to solve the Immigration Problem, not by promising to build walls, but by better border patrols, and relations with Mexico. The Immigration problem is not from Mexico sending it’s people here, but from the mexicans running from their own country to here for a better life and opportunity. Face the facts folks, ok!

As I get ready to head into my 60th year of life in January, I stop and think back over the years I can remember, the Years of presidents, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon,Ford, and more and think where did we go wrong? Where did we make a wrong choice and at what time did we blow it folks? You all tell me, but the last time I saw affordable food, gas,oil and jobs was under President NIxon really. President Clinton gave a boost to the economy when he was in, but it went steadily downhill since, so what do we do now to improve it? When will Americans all have a roof over their heads, when will they be able to eat again and not walk the streets as homeless and hungry and stop having to live in cardboard boxes? You tell us, all you Politicians, when will The Veterans who are disabled get a raise to live on, when will the welfare rolls be slimmed down again? Tell us and we may vote for you, don’t and in my opinion you can go home and play alone!


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