Latest Disaster and Shooting, Sad!

              Theatre Shooting are now becoming occurrences in this country, and sadly, going to see a movie is no longer safe anymore. Gunmen it seems come in all forms, ages, colors and races and are everywhere. Where is all the anger, frustration coming from folks and why is it happening?

Violence is growing in America and in the world, and some people believe it is the way to get ahead and get what you want. Well it isn’t folks for the more violence and shootings the bigger the defenders of freedom will grow too. The police can’t keep up with it all, but The National Guard of each state can be deployed and used to slow and possibly stop this shit, arm em and put em out to stop it now! 

Theatre shootings, park shooting, lone gunmen running wild, why, what is it all about folks? I submit it is most likely about lack of jobs, lack of employment and racial hate. Affordability in America is not here anymore, prices rise each day on primary goods such as clothes, food and more, and no one reacts to it at it or tries to change it, including our own Government and Congress. Sad isn’t it, we continue on a road to destruction as a nation like the Roman republic had in history. All societies end at some point and has America run it’s course now?        The Aztecs, The Incas, The Romans all civilizations that ran their course and peaked before they went out of existence are we next? Have we peaked folks, have we gone too far and are now on a down slope like they all were too near their ends? You tell me folks, for the crime, corruption, political biases and mean streaks in America Culture is killing the American dream. And as an American who can see it coming I mention it to try to wake up the leaders of America to it happening.Wake the hell up Americans and Congress, realize we are failing and hurting and we need to act to correct it now! Wake Up is all I can say, Race, creed color mean nothing in America, lets heal the wounds and make it all work folks!


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