Lets Make America Better Today, and in the Future!

             How many grew up like me in the 1960s, when we didn’t have a lot, but what we had we took care of. There were no home computers, video games, and few had bicycles even. I had erector sets and a microscope, and my Aunt sent me books of Nursery rhymes and stories, that kept me happy I would read them when I wa sin the house on my own. I owned a sled, and I didn’t get a bicycle till my teens, and then if i left it lying outside it would get stolen. But bread was still .29 cents a loaf, gas was under a dollar and food was affordable and jobs were out there, factories were everywhere for people top go to work in and ya made a decent day’s pay for a decent days work. I grew up doing two paper routes and making my own money as I struggled to get along in school and at home. Did You? I watched President John F. Kennedy get shot in Dallas on Television in Elementary School, did you?

By The 1970’s prices on everything went up at least a buck more, and we had gas lines by the end of the decade, Nixon won Election twice and blew it by ordering a break-in he didn’t need to do. He resigned in disgrace and Ford took over declaring the stay of the Union as no good. Ah, even though we struggle some Americans still fought through it all . Then the end of the 1970s  started 77 to 79, and jobs disappeared, Union Demand were too much for companies, cost raised to make items and factories and companies said no more. They Shut down, laid off people and said they couldn’t afford to produce in America anymore and moved overseas, leaving millions upon millions of people without jobs or ways to feed their families. Sad , I know but true!

Attacks on America became real overseas, with kidnappings and killings of Americans, we were all warned to save oil and wear sweaters and lower the thermostats  by our then President Jimmy Carter. Yes the beginning of the end of prosperity for Americans had hit. So, what has been done by which political party since is the question and how much has helped the American People for real? You stop and think it over folks, and you will find that a President can’t make any changes for the better or worse without Congresses approval and none was given for many decades now. So here we sit going into the 2016 Election Cycle for President, and we have to still wonder who will help the people more now. Will it be the Democrats or the Republicans, I know one thing it won’t be, a Tea Party Member or Donald Trump the new found republican Candidate, lol. You can’t get elected to the nations highest office if your talking the way he is now, nor can you if you have the ideas he does now. We all know it yet he leads his party with 24% percent in the poles, funny huh?

I love America, folks, I served her for 16 years and am a Disabled veteran with six bad discs in my neck and spine, and a cancer survivor now, from Lung cancer. I was born in 1956 and have seen every President since JFK in office that I can remember, and none of them, would say the things Donald trumps says today as he runs. Kennedy would have laughed at him and so would Kennedy’s nemesis Richard Nixon, and although they are both gone now, their beliefs of opening up the world, and making America Great still exist. And will forever more!

So as we head deeper into the 2016 Election Cycle, stop and think what we need most: 1: No More Wars, 2)A Health Care System that Works for all, 3) An Economy that can and will produce jobs for all to work again, 4) and a Strong President who will stand up to other countries and lead them in peace efforts and protection of our nation,not everyone elses! Ok5) tax Breaks and Incentives in each state for companies to come back and produce products we can sell over seas and at home and compete wit in the World Economy! So, lets find the right person, I say Elect Hillary Rodham Clinton, and use experience and knowledge on her part and her husbands to make a difference for all of us!



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