These Brutal Crazy Shooting, Must Stop!

             Did the United States of America go too far, with it’s policies on allowing all people to immigrate to our home no matter race, religion, sex or nationality? We have for over 200 years, allowed all who wanted the same liberties we have, into our home country and accepted and given them the same rights and liberties we who are born here with, should we stop or slow down the immigration of anyone into the country so we do not get crazy random shooting incidents? I think we need to slow down the flow into the country, and track each one closely. Am I wrong I think not!

While our constitution is written for all and the most loved document we have with it’s rights and laws, and beliefs, do we need to apply it to all who drop into our country from anywhere they want? Personally speaking, I am a white man of Scottish and Canadian French descent and my grandparents came from Canada and Scotland and were accepted here in America and always honored the flag and constitution and always will.  and yes we appreciated the fact, my family that is, that they got a chance to live in the land of the free and liberties believe me. But none of the people who rushed to America, between our creation as a nation and up until the 2000s, ever tried to kill our people like is happening today. Why do these muslims and Iraq’s, Iranians, Afghanistan’s, Jordanians, Syrians, and all hate America so much, why are we the target of their anger.? Someone please explain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We didn’t attack them, the way they are us, and in the end they have their Koran and we our bibles and much more and we do not condemn them for their beliefs, so why are we the American Infidels to them? And do they know, that if they continue to kill Americans and torture and kidnap our people what they are chancing each time they do? They should, if they don’t maybe we should show them and make them listen!

We all know they want and do use the oil they have in their lands to hold the world in blackmail status because we all use it to light our lights and run our vehicles, well it’s about time we change it. First America is working on cars and vehicles that run on alternate fuels and use less of their precious oil, we are launching and switching to solar power everywhere we can, and in the end lessening our need. Yet it is not fast enough is it? 

It is now time for a solution to these problems to step forward and these attacks to end. American has bombs of the nuclear type folks! We should warn all these middle east countries attacking us, if you attack us in any manner or form, and we prove it was one of your people that killed us, we will bomb your country into a damn parking lot and take it for ourselves and get our own oil by taking a spot in the middle east for ourselves!. How would you middle easterners like that one?  I think it is time America finally shows the power we have to these people who attack us daily, weekly and monthly and take one of their countries out and make it ours, and teach them a lesson they will not want to learn!  Yes it is an extreme measure to do so, but in the end, can we afford to let them to stomp all over America and make us look like fools as we try to fight wars the way they want us to and lose, or should we show them we don’t have to play their way, we have more power and can take them out and let their whole countries pay for what their citizens do to us?

              I know politicians will go up in arms when they read this, and tell Americans we would be killing too many innocent people if we did it, but what they hell do you think they are doing to us? I know we are supposed to be better then them and stand above and not do things their way! But guess what if we do it the way i am saying, it would stop so much pain to us, and they would think twice before they let their own become animals who attack others.  

                 Last thought on this subject folks by me so you all know, this is my opinion no one else’s ok. What I propose is simple next, we stop babysitting and training other nations and giving them weapons. We bring our people home, and our weapons and money and stop fighting foolish wars we can not win. we should know better folks, we couldn’t win and police Korea or Vietnam and lost millions of people and money trying to, we can not do it either in the Middle east, learn from it will you. Bring our military home, bring our weapons and money home, let them kill each other over there and lets mind our own at home. take the Money we save from all of these battles and efforts and invest it in the American Economy and gety our homeless people off our streets create jobs and educate our own and provide more medical coverage. Isn’t it time Congress, House and Senate to take care of americans more than we should police or care for people who care not one bit about us? We the Americans of the world need to stop caring for others as they stop caring for us and take care of ourselves finally! These Crazy Shooting of innocents living on American soil and citizens of our great nation must stop, lets do it right and stop it all now!




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