The Bill Cosby Scandal

            William Cosby, also known as Bill Cosby, has been a comedy icon and actor for most of his adult life, hiding dark secrets from the public, as we are now learning fully as over 40 women have come forward with accusations and claims. Amazingly Bill Cosby defies and denies the accusations although he now knows as his concerts and business disappears from his life. Bill Cosby had so many people fooled by his public persona that no one wanted to believe he may be a rapist and pervert under it all. yet, I myself, found myself in disbelief, about these accusations and claims, for Bill Cosby was America’s Dad in The Cosby Show, The Spy in I-Spy and The Comedian in his comedy records and tapes and films. we were all blinded by the public persona, and didn’t want to believe any of it.

Mr. Bill Cosby had it all for most of his life, power in the acting and directing communities, people idolizing him and he took advantage of it all, instead of helping people he drugged and raped women over decades. He received The Freedom Medal from President BUsh and even had the gall and audacity to publicly accept it, like he had earned it, when in fact he should have never been given one. His artistic talents give him no excuse for drugging and raping women period and never should. But we now have to face the facts about Bill Cosby as the number of his victims climb and are revealed and they come forward. Many stood up and defended Bill Cosby against these claims, thinking these were women who just wanted his money, not a one of them have gotten a penny folks, and probably never will, Bill Cosby is now 77 years old folks and getting older each day and his world is now closing in on him. 

His wife Camille Cosby, must have known what Bill did as he did it, yet she never said a word or failed to stand by his side and protect him why? We shall never have that answer, that’s for sure, but shouldn’t Camille now start to look at it in a different light then she did when it happened. Did she allow him to have sexual affairs during their marriage and not care ignoring it all and deciding to look the other way. How about his co-stars on I-Spy and The Cosby Show, why haven’t they spoken up sooner? Did he sexually abuse and drug his co-stars on The  Cosby Show, who played his daughters or friends? How far did Bill Cosby go and how sick and perverted is he really? And what will he do as the doors to the entertainment industry start to close on him? 

As of this date, Bill Cosby is still a free man, and living in his home with Camille his wife and not speaking or defending himself anymore. So where do you go when there is no place left to hide? So will say he will crawl into his own world and depend on what he has for money to survive, but at 77 how long can you do that? Sooner or later money will run out and his wife must be at the breaking point or worse by now. 

                As The media and public circle the wagons around Bill Cosby and the legal proceedings start getting underway in civil suits and maybe more, what will he do to survive anymore and can he?

                   Lets face a few facts now, if any of these women who he abused/ used and raped and drugged want money for what he did now is the time to sue him in civil suits. Otherwise they will live with their anger and frustrations for the rest of their lives and he will die and get away with it all. The man is 77 years old folks, and watch him walk, check his eyes out, in public how they sloop on him, Bill Cosby is not healthy anymore, his life of intimidating people is over with now due to the exposures now out there. How long can he continue denying it all and survive? 

Will Bill Cosby ultimately, commit suicide and end it all, only time shall tell!


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