July 2015. Presidential Race, Wars and Thoughts

        July 2015 is running through very fast this year, time waits for no one! It seems to me, each year goes by faster and faster, as I get older and it’s just a fact folks, the only one that can mess with Father Time is indeed Mother Nature and they have one hell of a relationship going!!

The Presidential race is well underway already and it seems no matter what happens the Republicans keep adding candidates to it all, now they are up to 15. It is beginning to look like a three ring circus going into the primaries I am hoping it thins out faster than it builds up! Sadly, Americans get a kick out of Donald Trumps big, bold, mouth and his crazy statements, no one will build a wall between Mexico and America and No one will solve immigration problems the way he says, it’s not politically correct, nor is it proper protocol for us as a country.

`Enough politics I say, I am tired of hearing how Donald Trump will solve this, solve that and create jobs, if he was going to, he is a billionaire, he should have stepped up sooner!. Where was he when all the jobs were going overseas, and people still to this day need jobs to eat and pay bills and none are here! so wake up, no one man can fix America, it takes a Congress that will work together, with a President. No one part of the government can change it alone. wake up!

America has an important decision come the 2016 elections and time is slowly moving in the direction of it all! Before you vote make sure you find a candidate that can keep healthcare whether it is ObamaCare or a replacement plan in place, make sure you get one who will save social security, medicare, medicaid, and extend unemployment benefits and create jobs. One who will give manufacturing and businesses tax breaks to stay in america and provide jobs. One who will retrain the blue collar workers of yesterday, to get them working in today’s economy. America doesn’t need more wars we need more jobs, we don’t need to keep assisting people who don’t want us helping them and we should never be policing other countries in anyway, we should have learned that from Korea and Vietnam! No one wanted to be in either Korea or Vietnam either, yet there we were playing peace keepers and fighting for someone else when we could have saved all the funding and used it at home here. Sadly, it’s what we think and the world thinks we should do, the fact is Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, and more don’t give a damn what we do, as long as we pay for it and they don’t, they don’t want us there period, and they can give one shit if we live or die here in America, you didn’t see them come running and helping us on 9/11 did you? So, we should stop being so magnamarious to the world and start taking care of our own. Period!


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