God Helps those who help ThemSelves!

             2015 keeps rolling along folks and we are now almost halfway thru it and the summer goes on, with more politicians jumping in the 2016 presidential race. The more the merrier right, well I think wrong, but who am I except an average american male, who is disabled, and a veteran struggling to survive in today’s world. I know that many will say they are worse off than I and I know I am not the worse off of all, but I do know I depend on my Social security Disability Checks and my Veterans Disability checks also. I know my wife and I struggle to pay our mortgage each month and our oil bill is high and our cable bill is high and our taxes get higher and the money doesn’t grow on trees. we struggle to eat and make ends meet, like so many others around us, in today’s America, but why?

1            Jobs are far and few inbetween for people in Connecticut and this country, why, because our cities and towns and states get too greedy and tax the big companies out of business in our area. The operating and property taxes are crazy for anyone who wants to start a major business in Connecticut, does the Governor realize it? Do our senators and Congressmen and woman understand what is happening? Do we the people deserve what we get or don’t we? I think not, common criminals become Mayors in cities in Connecticut, perverts roam the streets and thieves and rapists abound. And they are of all colors, all races and nationalities, some just get caught more than others. The bottom line is this the morals, ethics and beliefs of the American families needs fixed. The discipline of the 1930s and 40’s and 50s and 60’s needs to be reinstituted in American family life.If not we will have common core criminals running the nation in the very near future. Think on it before you say bullshit to what I am saying, because, it is happening today in many places in america.

What about clearing our streets of the homeless and hungry folks, so people don’t live in cardboard boxes in mall parking lots anymore, or stand by the road begging for work and food? What about expanding training for out of work blue collar workers who carried us thru the 1960s and the 70s by working for manufacturing companies that are gone now? Don’t you think the government and the people owe them something for they made it good to live in America by sacrificing their bodies minds and more to make products the made America stand tall in the world.

As I ramble on about this we are having the great debate over immigration in america, and that my friends is true, there are too many illegals here, but, we can solve that after we take care of our own first. Isn’t born and bred americans born on American soil move important than this problem? How about Health Care for the disabled and elderly and help in training others to work, more important, isn’t bringing back manufacturing and competing in the world economy more vital right now? We need to adjust the priorities we have folks in the world and here at home to survive. We need to stop fighting wars and policing  other countries who don’t give a damn about us. we seem to be too stubborn or ignorant to realize we are not the police force of the world, we are not responsible for countries in the middle east who allow Isis or Al Qaeda to overrun them and do not wish to fight back on their own. We invest too many personnel and money and hardware for such things and they don’t fight back and give the weapons up to their own enemies, and we are out the cost, wake up!

Let me close with my favorite saying, which believe it or not comes from the older days in america- God Helps Those who Help Themselves and if you Spare The Rod and Spoil The Child you create people who have no courage, pride or discipline to fight back, Wake Up!.



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