Generational differences !!!!!!!!!!!

    The differences in generations, is very apparent today in America! I grew up in the 1960s and the 1970s, I was born in 1956. The generation who raised me taught right from wrong, truth,justice and honesty and even religious lessons. Today so many of the virtues, morals, manners and discipline of those days are shot! 

The parents that raised me were born in the 1930s and they were taught discipline, religion,honesty,truth and morals and manners and they passed them on to me and my siblings. We didn’t have electronic toys to play with, no X-boxes, Playstations, tablets, computers or cell phones, no internet. You wanted to learn something you asked questions, or worked side by side with a parent,or you did one of my favorite things even today, you went to the library and read it. Honestly the children we were, and the adults we became are totally different then today’s children who are being raised by our children. They spoiled their children, give them all they want or don’t really need and let them do as they please. So, we end up with spoiled children and adults who don’t understand morals, ethics, manners, or discipline. Sad isn’t it?

 I learned masonry, carpentry, electricity, repairs of cars side by side with my step-father, I learned to treasure America and had Patriotic pride instilled in me too.Do the children of today have the same, I think not, not from what I can see. The permissiveness of the parents today, has affected the adults we have now walking around America. Sadly, it has  not been in a good way. They are lazy and weak, and don’t understand what it takes to hold jobs, or to help others, sad isn’t it? America really has gone from a we society to a me, me me, society and screw you also. Sad indeed, for in the 1960s and 1970s people would help one another if you were stuck or broken down somewhere, today they will run ya over before they will help you out there! It is indeed a sorry situation in American History!

Every year in January, we get a State Of The Union Address from our American President, and it usually covers economic and foreign affairs and our standing in the world. It should also include notices and discussion of how to improve the american Citizen and our morals, ethics, manners and caring for others, as well as the Justice system and include a part of the speech about racial equality in america and fairness. Sadly, it doesn’t ! 

 Look don’t take this the wrong way no matter what nationality you are or race, creed or color, but all of us are failing our children and our country by the lack of teaching and discipline we put into our children today. we need as parents and proud american citizens, to teach our children discipline, honesty, trust, and so much more like manners, ethics,morals that we learned. The world will not sit still and will always move forward folks, it is the responsibility of each generation to teach the next one, all needed to survive in the world, so lets do it! Don’t get lax on it folks, do it, and you may get some respect from the children you raise in return! 


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