DROP OUT DONALD TRUMP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

     Presidential Politics and The Run for the White House is underway, as President Obama becomes a lame duck, for his final time in office. And The Democrats have produced 3 candidates and the republicans 14 candidates, crazy bullshit ya ask me. Why so many Republicans to face the few Democrats? 

 The Answer is simple folks, they fear Hillary Rodham Clinton period, not so much anyone else. What they should fear is Donald Trump in more ways than one, for his views on immigration, laws, justice and the economy are nuts and he speaks without thinking. His comments on the Mexican and Hispanic people are crazy and who is he to call all immigrants whether illegal or not rapist, drug dealers,etc? Does he realize the hispanic community is so large they can control the Presidential Election with their block of voters?

The Donald as they call Mr. Trump, is outlandish and does not check facts, he does not care really, he believes since he has billions he can buy the White House and prevent who he doesn’t want President from becoming so. Sadly, he is wrong in many ways on many subjects and immigrant program is just one he sounds so stupid and foolish on. he should have stayed with his television gig as the host of The Apprentice period and kept his mouth shut. He has lost business with Macy’s, Serta, and so many others it has to be hurting his rich pockets by now. yet he persists in trying to double and triple and quadruple down on his foolish statements why? Donald I suggest as I am sure many of your advisors would if you had any with brains that you shut your mouth and withdraw from the race. Look you may know business, but you are no politician nor are you Presidential material in any way form, or manner. get out of the race. Your foolish, mean and cruel statements, your attitude and inability to use any diplomacy in what you say, proves you can never run a country.You would never talk to a leader of another country or nation that way and get away with it and you should not be able to talk to the American People that way either, DROP OUT TRUMP!


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