Same Sex marriage/ Politics

      The Same Sex marriage issue is no longer an issue in America, thanks to the Supreme Court Ruling. So why are Republicans so upset and nasty when asked about it? Why must they oppose what more than sixty one percent of America says is right? 

 Republicans like Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, and others need to wake up and realize this is a modern world and not all human beings are straight, and like the opposite sex!. Personally I am a straight married, man going on sixty years old, I grew up the 1960s and 1970s, I believe now as I believed then, no one who is lesbian or gay is going to force their sexual preference on me or my family, so let them be equal and have the same rights. If They cross the line and try to force it on another then arrest them as you would anyone else. But, I have a lesbian daughter and another who is bi-sexual and i know it, do I care, no, it is a personal preference of theirs and i accept them for who and what they are and will love both till the day I die, period, they are my daughters. 

That said and done next subject folks, the coming Elections of 2016 are just beginning to warm up. The Republicans now have 14 damn canidates to run against a total of two Democrats, doesn’t that sound pretty funny to you? I understand the desperation, they must have about Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, but come on now, aren’t you going too far? 

It’s a sad day in American Politics when one party tries the old method of throw anyone in the race and lets see who sticks, like pasta on a wall! Sad isn’t it, lets be realistic here, Bobby Jindal, Mike Huckabee, Donald Trump, Chris Christie, Rand Paul, and so many more, it’s like a damn three ring circus, and it’s become a show of stupidity. lets be real here ok, only one member of the party can be the candidate ok, and the same goes for both parties, so lets wake up here.Why would so many Republicans come out of the woodwork and run this cycle, simple, they fear Hillary Rodham Clinton will win, thats number one, and number two they believe since America, has had a Democratic President for eight years, they stand a better shot of getting in. But the truth will win out in the end, Americans will not pick against the Democrats just because they have had the office for 8 years, the Republicans must earn it by putting up a great person. If they don’t put up a knowledgable person who can do the job, well we all know Hillary is ready to be President.

Final thing for me today folks, I have all my little books on Amazon Kindle E-books for sale. Now I know they are not great novels or long stories and i don’t ask much to buy them either and i put them up as free books much of the time. I am not rich, nor am I a public person who has money, what i am , is a Disabled American Veteran, who suffers from PTSD, 6 Herniated Discs in my Spine, sleep apnea  and depression. I don’t ask for much and never would just that some people will try my lil stories and poems and hopefully I can make a few bucks to help me live. So any help would be nice, but if not well at least I tried to make an effort to do something, even disabled and won’t feel depressed or bad about being disabled. Ok!

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