The Confederate Flag IT’s Place Should Be……. Racial Divide be Gone!

    June 29th, 2015, The Confederate Flag, Does it belong in a Museum? I believe it does as do many other Americans, who want it taken down from public buildings in the south. While it is indeed a part of American History and represents to many of the south a stance the south took at the time it was invented, those days are long past.  We have no slaves in America anymore and we should have never had them back then either, in my opinion. The slaves of those days did not ask to be dragged here to America and to be owned and used as they were, and as responsible human beings, today’s Americans must realize, what the Confederate Flag represents to them, as a people. The African- Americans of America have a strong case for wanting that flag gone for they look at it and see their predecessors, farming cotton fields and being whipped by men who owned them. They see their families torn apart by men who only wanted one thing money and to keep them working like animals till they died. The truth is the south should be ashamed of the Confederate Flag in all aspects of its being, it is a flag that represents a nation divided, and a south who believed in owning people and that is a bad chapter in our history as well as the world’s period.

As to Statues of the South’s Generals during the war, they too should be removed and put into museums, but not destroyed. Even if the south lost the war as we all know they did, the men these statues represent, including Robert E. Lee, were a big part of the history of the american Civil War, and the memories and faces of them should never be removed from history but preserved to make sure it never happens again. I want to say this is my belief about the Confederate Flag and the statues of that war, no one else’s and I am a caucasian male, who served his country for 16 years and am now a disabled veteran. Anything that represents the era of slavery and ownership of another human being should be removed from public places and buildings in my opinion period.

As to how to correct the illness of racial prejudice i and discrimination in America I have an opinion also on that. when I was a child living in the projects of the North end or Waterbury, Connecticut, I live in a bi-racial community with all races and nationalities. I grew up with black, hispanics and orientals too and we didn’t kill one another or attack one another for no reason, we got along. I remember a Senior black woman, who when I was five or so came running out of her home, to help me with a bee sting as a boy. She comforted me, hugged me, looked at the sting and told me how she was going to remove it. She covered it with a mud pack, and it pulled the stinger from my hand and the sting disappeared. She kissed me and hugged and me and I said thank you and I still remember Mrs. Corey to this day. She was a sweet woman with a great warm personality and she got along with all and her children were great kids too. If we can all slow down and stop and think before we act, we all can get along, and we should folks, it’s nuts for a racial divide to exist in an America that is so racially diverse. Learn and get along, the color of your skin, the nationality you come from doesn’t make someone bad or good, it is how you are raised and taught by your family, so parents wake up, we need to stop racial bullshit in America, we can do it if we work at it! Plain damn english from a man is all this is, so take my advice and do what I say, and set an example for all, compromise, communicate and make it work. Thank You folks for reading this blog if you do, I hope the message will come through to all!.




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