Finding Peace and Moving Forward

     Finding Peace in the world is hard to do worldwide and may never happen folks, but one must also remember to find peace within oneself. Many of us are not pleased with ourselves, never mind the world, with all of it’s differences and problems, we are Americans and Human and yes we make mistakes too, so forgive us world for doing what we think will protect us as a people.

Each Country and nationality and person have their own beliefs that is what makes the world interesting and different. We are all thrown together in one big stew pot we call planet earth. It is up to us as mankind to blend and mix as needed to survive, and unless we can all get along together we may indeed just kill one another off, over time.  So stop before you point a finger or yell, or point a weapon at someone, we are all in this together and the world folks, is a big planet, if you can’t stand someone or something move away from it or them, and pay em no mind do your own thing, but don’t infringe on others or attack anyone anymore please!

The world loses people each day to disease, killings, illness and violence, for what reason please? We search for solutions and they can be found by medical miracles, peace talks, United Nations communications and people communicating with one another openly and honestly if we try, stop being foolish and fighting and killing and violence.

Recently, a man I called a friend became overwhelmed by what was happening or not happening in his life and committed suicide, and years ago the same thing happened to someone in my high school class too. Before you judge someone, stop, think folks, we all have secrets and problems we don’t tell the world about and you may never know what they be, for all of us are different, give people some compassion and understanding and help and they may thank you and some may even survive and do the same for you if you hit a wall too.

Suicide is not an answer folks, it may remove you from society and the earth and you may think it is for the best for all concerned but it isn’t. before you attempt suicide or even think about think about the others you will leave behind, who must take care of your remains, who will never be emotionally the same or mentally the same because you made the choice you did. Yes those of us you left behind to wonder why you choose to die as you did and stay up wondering why you did it, or, you put through the grief of you disappearing suddenly, yes the holes you leave behind to be filled too in people’s lives.Suicide may remove you, and  take away your pain, or it may be something you think will, but did any of the ones who did it, ever stop to think how they would hurt or harm those they loved and that loved them?

The families and friends and the ones that loved you must somehow pick up the pieces and carry on in the world without you, so don’t be so damn selfish and kill yourself, there are more ways to die in the world then taking your own life, war, crime,accidents, disease and more, don’t ever kill yourself, suicide is a waste of a human life that could have made the world better and now there is a hole left behind. Stop!

Get help, ask for it and move ahead in this life!




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