Four Men, One game, two left who remain!

    Very recently, a friend of mine committed suicide, by shooting himself in the head. I would never have believed he would even consider such an act yet he did it. Why, well no one will ever know the answer will they, because it was a sudden and swift act no one expected including his own family and close friends. 

To see him in his younger days was to see a strong healthy man with a sense of humor and who was a lover of fishing, hiking and camping, and hunting. An outdoors man who was 6 ft something, big and bold and always smiling. Now he is gone and lost to his family, his friends and the world due to sudden depression, alcohol and drugs. Sadly, we shall never hike anymore, laugh anymore, play cards anymore or do anything with him. But we shall always miss him!

I know for a fact we had some great times, playing cards together, camping, hiking and fishing, but none of us ever realized what could happen or even gave it a thought. Now , his family must make decisions on whether to bring him home or bury him or cremate him where he is.It is a sad day when you hear such news about someone you knew well.

Last time something like this happened, it was the elder friend who died and we called him poppa.  There were four of us back then now there are two left, Poppa killed himself in his own way by not taking his diabetic injections, Big G, shot himself in the head and the leaves two of us who played cards and penny ante poker together for years. Four men, at one card table playing poker, drinking having fun and now two dead and two alive and who knows what will be next. You can’t figure who will do what anymore, nor can you understand why they will do it, it just is fate and the way of the world. Humanity has it’s problems folks and we all know it, depression gets many of us including me, yet I survive because I have a wife, a sister and the Veteran’s Administration and hospital when I need them.

One card table four seats, two now empty and the game incomplete, how will it end I do not know, but God Rest Poppa and Big G’s souls!


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