Happy Father’s Day to All

     June 21st, 2015 is upon us now folks and according to all Calendars it is Father’s Day across the world. In many homes, fathers are having days with their sons and daughters and will be enjoying meals and special times, but it doesn’t exist for all of us fathers, no matter how bad we wish it did.

      Some of us had children when married and can not be with them due to separations, divorces, and things that were not the child’s fault, but the fault of both parents they had. To overcome this, there is no way as long as one parent carries hate and animosity toward the other and one parent had custody as the children were growing up. Sometimes, it is not the missing parents fault they can’t be there and no matter what the circumstances, the children need to understand, it’s not that that mother or father doesn’t want to be there, it’s they can’t.

In The end though, I may be five hundred miles from my daughters today, on this father’s day and many before, and many after, but no matter what they do, say, or are, I will always love them period. A Father’s Love for his children doesn’t disappear, die, or not exist due to separation, divorce or any anything that happened. it stays steadfast forever more till that father dies. So, as father’s day is Celebrated across the world and America today, I want my children to know I love them and always will no matter what!

EandL Pic

I love and mIss my children and always will love them no matter what the other parent says of me and will till the day I die! If I had one wish in my life to spend on this Father’s Day of 2015, it is that both my Daughters’ their children and partners know that I shall always love them till the day I die no matter what. And that I wish they could fully understand the circumstances and understand someday why it is this way and they forgive me for not being there!

A Father’s love for his children never dies till he does !


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