Racial fights and Deaths No More!

     Racial Conflicts and battles are worthless, Americans, we point at one another over our skin color or nationality and avoid one another like poison at times why, why do we fear one another over the pigment of our skin? 

Let me point out some basic facts for all to see, and all to understand no matter what color or pigment your skin may be, for all to see. No matter what, we are all human beings put here on earth by God, no matter which God you believe in, ok. Secondly we are all born the same way, we all die the same way, as a basic fact anyway. We all want peace for our families and loved ones and we want to protect them and guard them against those who would hurt them and us.  And in the end it doesn’t matter what pigment your skin is, we all love, laugh, hate,care, cry, and bleed. We all eat the same foods, breath the same air, and all of us in America are Americans period. 

 So tell me why a man child would go over and kill people of a different race or pigment and want to start a racial war?

I will tell you what this is about now folks simply put it’s a breakdown in the american culture period and the way people are raised. Don’t teach your children to hate or fear others due to pigment of skin or nationality or any other damn thing, teach them to respect and honor and get along with each other, no matter who it is! 

When I was a child of 5 or 6 years old living in the projects of waterbury, Connecticut in the 1960’s, we were a racially diverse neighborhood, whites, blacks, hispanics and even orientals. We all played together, ran together and lived next door to one another. We didn’t have racial killings back then and the 1960s was much more turbulent than today is. The good thing is our parents encouraged us to play together and have fun and get along back then, the bad thing is we separated into neighborhoods and groups that don’t allow us all to socially interact with each other.  Back then, I was a child of 5 or 6 years old chasing bees with a jar, when one stung me. I yelled and cried, and an elderly black woman came out of her home and comforted this little white boy and showed me how a mud pack on a bee sting pulled the stinger out. She hugged me and kissed me and sent me home on my way and we both smiled. How I grew up some of my best friends were black children named the whites believe it or not, my dad and theirs were friends from work so we all got along. The point is we found that they cried, we cried, they hurt we hurt, they laughed we laughed, they went to church we went to church, they ate, we ate and it was all the same food. we lived in the same type of housing, had the same primary amount of money and we all struggled together to get by. we didn’t care if you’re white, black, hispanic or oriental, what we did care about was survival and loving our friends and family and compromising and getting along. What happened and why are we shooting and killing one another, and who is responsible for it all happening?

The real answer folks no matter what race, color or nationality you are as parents in today’s world, if you want to know why it is happening, look in the mirror, and ask yourself what did i teach my children, as they grew up? Am I the one who taught them to hate white, blacks, oriental or Hispanics? Did I make racial slurs and comments in front of them, did i show hatred to the other races around them, did i teach my children to fear them? If you can honestly look at yourself in your mirror and say yes then you are the reason this shit happens. Stop it now, join hands, no matter what your race, pigmentation or nationality and learn from it all, hate begins in childhood and grows in beings in the environment they grow up in, AND FROM THE PEOPLE WHO RAISE THEM!






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