June 13 th, 2015/ Hillary Rodham Clinton begins——

Hillary_Rodham_Clinton-cropped      Officially today, Hillary Rodham Clinton is having her first campaign rally, to kick off her run for the Presidency for the second time. Americans everywhere should watch and listen as she discusses issues and problems needing repair and correction in our land. Listen to her on education, economy,environment, jobs, manufacturing, unemployment and so much more.  Listen closely and while you’re at it, then listen to the Republicans and her opponents too. And then stop and think why are there about to be 13 or 14 Republicans running against her plus some Democrats too? 

The republicans fear a Hillary Rodham Clinton Presidency, they don’t know what to do to stop one though and never will, the fates have brought America to a point many countries before us have reached folks, a woman to lead us and fix what men did wrong before her. Germany has Merkel, other countries have female presidents, why not America? If Americans can stop and think it is not the sex of a person that determines their abilities and smarts, it’s their experiences in life that do. She has been a First Lady, a Senator, a Secretary and now wants the Presidency and i don’t blame her at all! She has the knowledge and experience to handle it all and should get elected if she doesn’t it will be because of people who hold sexist views on the Presidency and don’t want to trust a woman in it. The bottom line is, a woman may have more common sense and logic and brains then the men running now.

As 2015 rolls along and the election of 2016 gets closer our option are few for real integrity, for real smarts, or real logic and common sense to be in office.They say many don’t trust Hillary Rodham Clinton today, and they fear what she may do. But can you trust Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, Santorum, or any of the republicans who are popping up to run at this time too, Rubio a freshman senator who will be like  Obama was when elected being trained in office. Come on Now! Elect some one with experience and knowledge and skill and Elect Hillary Rodham Clinton!


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