Connecticut’s Major Problems

      Connecticut has to get it together and realize what is going on before it is too late and it goes bankrupt! During the late 1970s it began it’s downward spiral, with the lose of major manufacturing firms in the state and military contracts. Across the state Scovills, Timex, Uniroyal, Chase Brass and Copper, Anaconda and The Naval Ship Yards losing contracts has devastated the economy here. people are hurting and malls and building stores is not the way to relieve it.

Lower the Manufacturing tax, cut it in half and attract more manufacturing to Connecticut. Give them breaks to bring jobs back to the state, to employ the blue class workers of Waterbury and other cities, train those who are blue collar to do white collar jobs.  You can’t keep building malls and stores when there is no one with money to buy the items you are selling can you?

Connecticut’s infrastructure is falling apart also, the roads and highways  stink here. Potholes and construction stop people from getting to and from where they need to go for work and medical stuff. Sadly, no one is moving in the right direction for greed is getting in the damn way. Too many politicians are greedy and making millions off the connecticut population. Taxes go up for individuals and for manufacturing and companies but no improvements get made why is that, why are there no jobs in Connecticut these days, well the above is the answer.

There is also a lack of respect for others, a lack of education and funding for education for everyone, because the country has become so lackadaisical in it’s approach to raising children, and disciplining them. Children are not disciplined enough to be able to get to college on their own and too many fail or drop out of high school. education is at the minimum levels for many kids. Parents don’t teach them respect for their elders, work attitudes and more. Sadly, the change started in the 1970’s and became in force and has not changed. Sadly as the 1980’s came about parents feared the law because children started filing for divorce from their parents and revolting and no one stopped them. Shows like The Bill Cosby Show of the 1980s, taught people to not spank or hit their kids, raise them using psychological methods, talk to them. well it doesn’t work Mr. Cosby, no it doesn’t america! It is a world of all talk, no discipline, and they don’t learn because there is no re enforcement of it by parents. 

              In the end Connecticut is failing it’s own children, it’s population and it’s infrastructure too as well as it’s job market that was once so rich and full of jobs and manufacturing it was one of the richest states in the country.We may be the Insurance capital of the world, but it is growing poorer each day and failing it’s people big time.


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